2017’s Top Five Enterprise Mobility Trends That Will Affect Your Next Business App

As you know that enterprise mobility has been the major focus of IT investment in 2016, and it will continue to remain same in 2017 as well. As per the report, the global enterprise mobility (EM) market is expected to be $140 billion by the year 2020, increasing at a compounded annual growth rate of 15%.

It is also estimated that the existing spend by enterprises on mobility will grow to 10-12% of the total IT spend by 2020 as compared to less than 5% at present. There is no surprise in knowing that how 71% of today’s enterprises believe mobility to be a top priority.

Moreover, enticing them to go mobile is the 240 hours per employee per year as they can advance through mobile productivity that equals $5,114 or 6-weeks’ worth of work per employee per year.

Further, it is also expected that three billion mobile devices to be sold by 2017 and a growing percentage of your competitors increasing on the enterprise mobility bandwagon, so you can’t afford to stay behind. Therefore, if you want to develop robust enterprise mobility apps, it is a must for you to be aware of the latest trends of 2017 so that you can develop an effective mobile app for your business.

Enterprise Mobility Trends of 2017 That You Should Check Out

Independence of Using Your Own Device (BYOD)

Now, employees can have the benefits of accessing their work files and continue working from wherever they wanted to with the BYOD concept. This new and high-end concept is around the corner for a while; however, it is also expected that it will gain a wonderful momentum in the upcoming years.

By adopting this trend, users can experience a lot of benefits like increase in the work efficiency and productivity, enterprise cost-cutting, and decreased time-frame for work assigned. The implementation of BYOD trend will be much economical as compared to the traditional desktop installations whereas delivering network infrastructure and user-support.

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Apart from this, employees will get the ability to work efficiently in the comfort of their homes. It will result in significant costs savings as enterprise do not need to manage and support corporate devices. The dual advantage will be the key driving factor behind rising BYOD adoption.


IT & Business Leader Decision-making Roles Become More Clear

IT and business leaders are key to success, but collaboration alone is not sufficient. Therefore, it is important for enterprises to have more defined decision-making roles in the relationship between IT and line of business.

It is a must for enterprises to be very clear in what will be IT-led and what will be business-led with an expected boost in business leaders participating in mobile app development. In this year 2017, IT will take a leadership role in making key mobile development and implementation decisions using microservices, platforms, APIs and processes.

Usually, IT has held budget and control for these areas, and business leaders, who comprehend the organizational needs in a better way, can lead decisions across mobile engagement channels, app features, workflows, design, and use cases.

In mobile app development, an organization’s success can hinge on whether IT and business leaders can efficiently communicate their requirements though maintaining these distinct roles.


Acquiring Information on the Go with Independent Devices

As per the IDC research reports, there will be 105.4 million population of mobile workers in the USA by the year 2020. Over the last couple of years, mobility has gained the huge attention of enterprises and it becomes a synonym for efficiency irrespective of the workplace.

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An enterprise can get enormous benefits from mobility and get attracted towards it to adopt this concept, giving out mobile devices to the employees, where they are expected to make the most of the freedom to give the envisioned results.

As discussed, the upcoming years will be revolutionary for employee app as it will be easily possible for most of the workers to carry their work and information with them.

This is the most wonderful trend that will be highly suitable for employees to service their work instantly and more precisely from one place to another. So, it is the real meaning of independence.


IoT, Wearable Devices & Mobility

When it comes to talking about the IoT, wireless sensors, and mobile devices are the two important things that come to mind. Smartphones being full of sensors are considered as the most utilized asset for IoT.

It is expected that IoT will be refurbished the workforce with a practical blend of mobile devices, computers, wearable devices and other connected devices to enable employees to be available, well-versed, and synergetic.

Moreover, the wearable devices like fitness devices, smartwatches, eye-glasses and more deliver a unique and seamless experience through cross-device apps. It is expected that in the upcoming years, businesses will rely on connected devices and big data analytics to boost the processes. It will also helpful to take more insightful decisions regarding marketing and operation strategies.


Application Security Plays Important Role in Enterprise Mobility

As we all know that the security and confidentiality have been the major issues of every organization. Endwise mobile device management, covering applications, devices, network, and data is required in enterprise deploying mobility solutions.

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Today, we have touched that stage, where regulatory security controls will be a compulsion. As you know that SAANS has introduced a report, targeting minimum security requirement for companies to operate.

So, these are the top five enterprise mobility trends of 2017 that you can check out and consider while developing a business application. You can hire an experienced mobile app development company that has a team of proficient mobile app developers to comprehend your project requirements and deliver an outstanding quality solution.


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