5 Ways to Organize Your Business Life in 2017

Fast-paced and competitive, there’s no doubt that the business industry can be challenging. With high stakes and constant impending deadlines, both employees and owners of an SME are all too familiar with the pressures of the business world – which is why it’s crucial that management teams are continually working to maximize positivity and productivity throughout the year.

Minimizing unnecessary stress is what keeps a company working to the best of its ability, which is why well organized business’ are so successful. The year’s first quarter will soon be coming to an end, and that’s why today, the organization experts from Action Storage are taking a look at how you can make the most of your SME’s potential in 2017 – by ensuring that you and your team are as prepared as possible.

Organize your office space

With studies showing that a well-ordered office space can improve productivity across the workforce, tidying up the workplace means you can capitalize on your team’s full potential. Clearly displaying company values and staff incentives in and around the workplace means you can boost morale and encourage a good company culture, and ensuring that communal areas and cupboards are clutter-free will save time when staff are searching for crucial paperwork and equipment.

Prepare for meetings on the move

Professionalism is at the core of a successful business, and that’s why being prepared for each meeting is so essential. From ensuring you’re stocked up with stationery to bringing those key documents that no one else anticipated you’d need, ensuring you have what you need for each client meeting means you’ll be increasingly likely to secure – and maintain – a good business relationship. Remember, these are the people who are contributing to the overall success of your business, so it pays to impress.

Work remotely when you need to

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From increasing international interaction to enabling employees to work from home, technology has no doubt changed the face of business for the better. With companies finding that the reduced commute time can often mean remote workers are more productive throughout the day – as well as seeing a dramatic decrease in the overall number of sick days – employing a flexible ‘work from home’ option can ensure that you make the most of your business’ potential. From planning an upcoming pitch or writing up an end of year report, planning remote-working days into your calendar will mean you can remove distractions and deal with important tasks away from the office.

Use the commute to coordinate your day

From traveling into the city by train to the monotonous motorway slog each morning, the daily commute can often be a window of time that’s completely wasted by those in business. From voice-recording your latest business ideas from the comfort of your car to catching up on your emails on public transport, utilizing your traveling time means you can arrive at the office feeling organized and up-to-date – ready to tackle the day ahead.

Set aside space for tax-related documents

Whether you’re filling in your own tax return or entrusting your accountant with this time-consuming task, planning for the next year’s taxes will be more than appreciated when it comes to filing your tax turn. Dedicate a box in your office for holding all tax-related documents, so when it comes to the end of the year, all bank statements, business expense receipts, and invoice paperwork for your SME will be easy to access.

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There’s no room for error when it comes to the ever-changing business industry, and that’s why it’s crucial that you’re continually planning and preparing for what might lie ahead. From organizing your office space to making the most of each day, saving time and minimizing stress will mean you can be confident that you’re working as effectively as possible.


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