4 Ways To Consolidate And Spruce Up Your Business Foyer

The foyer of the business is the first thing that others will see when they enter the building. It should exude the professionalism that the business offers and the friendly service that is provided. There are numerous ways to spruce up the foyer with everything from plants to rugs in bright colors and bold patterns.

Dye The Rugs And Carpets

Instead of spending the money on new floor coverings, simply take up the ones that you have to dye them a different color. Since the floor is an area that will receive a lot of attention from guests who enter the building, it's important to offer a type of flooring that is safe to walk on, that will repel stains as much as possible and that will be pleasant to look at by everyone inside. Dye the rugs or large pieces of carpet in colors that blend with the rest of the foyer, bringing out the accent pieces that are sometimes overlooked.

Don't Do White

Although white depicts a clean environment and one that is bright and cheerful, it is the easiest to get dirty. If you want to go with neutral colors, then use beige or gray. This will make it a bit easier to combine brighter colors that will make the neutral shades stand out. Accent pieces would work well in white, such as a lamp on a side table or the switch plates for the lights.

Accent Large Spaces

Make the most use of the largest space that you have. If you have a window in the home, don't cover it with blinds. Add a side curtain that is kept open during the day to allow more light to shine into the foyer. It will create a cheerful environment that people will want to be in during the day. If there is a large amount of space between the front desk and the waiting area, then consider highlighting the rows with side tables that have decorations with bright colors or tile flooring that is in brighter colors and that is designed in a pattern. The tables that you add can also be areas where printers and phones are placed for visitors to use while they are waiting. You can get a variety of printers from companies like Lafayette Business Machines Inc that will satisfy the needs of most of the people who enter the building.

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The lighting of the foyer should be bright. If there aren't a lot of windows, then consider adding a chandelier or recessed lights as they will often shine brighter in the room. Get creative with the lighting fixtures, showcasing the personality of the business to visitors.

When people walk into the foyer of the business, it should depict your mission statement. Whether that's a sterile environment or one that is cheerful and full of life, make the decorations match the attitude. Upcycle as much as possible to keep from spending a lot of money on new items as you can continue to use them in the future.


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