Brand Mentions: A Way To Improve Your Popularity and Sales

You may have already built a great site, something new and exciting, and you are thinking that there’s no way people will ignore your product. Business people like you are making great things every day, but without doing the right thing for the product promotion, no one will come to know about the great product that you have.

Brand mention is one of the most important things to do to promote your product organically. In this article we are going to look at how you can generate a great name which you will use as a brand and how you can promote that brand. 

What is Brand Mentions?

The brand name is the name of your company or your product by which people will come to know your product. Let’s take Apple for example. Apple is a global brand and when they are about to sell something, they first mention the name of the brand everywhere. That’s how they promote their product automatically.

We live in the era of social network nowadays. If people come to know about your brand name from the social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, your product will have the chance to have a great boost. So mentioning your brand name everywhere to promote it is brand mentioning.

Why do brand mentions?

Simply, you should mention your brand name to promote your product because without knowing about the product, no one will come to know your what you have for them.

For example, if you can mention your product name in a tech conference which is viewed by people all around the world, imagine what will happen? Your product value will rise and you can ensure that people will become more curious about what you have to offer.

Mentioning the brand name anywhere is important and crucial for the betterment of the product. Entrepreneurs have their brand name advertised during the World Cup  or other big events because everybody sees those commercials and come to know about the product immediately.

So, the main goal of brand mentioning is to let the people know about your product in such a way that they become eager to know more about it and to use that particular product.

How to do brand mentions?

There are many ways to mention your brand. Blogging is always a good way for brand mentions as people read the blogs with great interest. If they find any mention of your brand, they usually become curious about it and would want to know more about that product.

In this era of social networking, campaigning through social media platforms is one of the most effective ways for brand mentions. When you mention your brand in such a way that it creates a lot of buzz among people, then you will get immediate brand mentions outside of the social media platforms.

Giving good customer support can be another way to promote your brand organically. When your customer gets the support they need, they will tell their friends and family to visit your site as you are different from other sites in terms of customer care. This will help you to get the promotion you want, even when your product has a lot of competition in the market. You still have a chance to stand out through great customer support.

The keyword that you are using is very important when you are placing them in your sites. Using them in the right place is so important. Another integral thing is when you are linking other websites on your site, make sure that they are good enough to entertain people. Bad links will damage your reputation and thus, your brand name. Always keep in mind that when you are mentioning your brand, always try to mention them with links, this way you can get more visitors to your site.


Brand mentions are so valuable that every company around the world is getting busy mentioning their brand names in more interesting ways. Nothing is easy when you want to get more success. You need to work hard to get it.

Brand mentions may not seem to be very easy. But if you can try all the steps discussed above to get the desired result, then you can get started with those. With good brand mentions, you can create lots of traffic to your site and thus, reach the very top of the search page and see an increase in your sales.

This guest post is from Paul Cowell. He is a freelance blogger who is dreaming of being part of a big SEO Company someday.  He also wants to share his opinions and idea about digital marketing through guest posting. You can find him in the park every weekend reading books or playing with his younger brother.


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