Protecting Your Employees: 5 Safety Tips for Business Offices

Keeping your employees safe from harm should be a priority in any business. You could be held liable for any harm that comes to an employee if you don't have proper safety procedures in place in the office.

Emergency Exit Procedures

One of the best ways to avoid an emergency is to have procedures in place. An exit procedure plan should include a map of the exits as well as what should be done in case of emergency. For example, if doors need to be closed during a fire you should be sure it is discussed with employees before an emergency happens. Violence in the workplace is a real concern, and employees should know where they'd be safe if they can't leave the building too. Detail all exit procedures with employees regularly.

Background Checks

This is a simple, effective way to ensure that all your employees are safe. When you screen applicants, your business will save itself from thieves, and you'll save your employees from violent criminals in the workplace. You can hire an outside agency to screen your applicants without relying on their honesty on a job application. It's an important step in doing business.

Fire Suppression System

There are a few types of fire suppression systems you can have in your office to protect employees as well as property. They don't require human intervention to work either. It could include a fire sprinkler, condensed aerosol fire suppression or gaseous fire suppression. The type you choose will depend on what kind of materials you have in the office. When you hire a company like Nor Cal Fire Protection or a similar group that specializes in fire suppression systems, they will help you figure out the best system for your business.

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Video Surveillance

With video surveillance, you'll be able to protect your employees at all hours of the day and night. When someone knows they'll be recorded on video, it'll deter them from committing violence or stealing from others. That video surveillance should come with other safety procedures for the offices like badges that only allow employees past a certain point in the building.

Parking Lot Safety

The parking lot should have bright overhead lights and leave no areas where a criminal can hide and hurt an employee. If you have employees who work late, there should be a guard to walk them to their car. It can't hurt to have surveillance in the parking lot either. It can protect their vehicles as well as provide personal safety.

Don't leave the safety of your employees to chance. You could be liable for any safety concerns that weren't addressed. Ultimately, you're responsible for the safety of your employees in the office.

This guest post is courtesy of Kara Masterson. 


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