Best Ways to Make Your Blog More Credible

Blogging has taken the web by storm. SEO ranks have rock launched instantly by great internal website content. Blogging effectively can build up an online audience and increase the overall popularity of a website online. There are specific strategies to make blogging more effective. Read below the best ways to make your blog even more credible online.

1-Quality over Quantity. Online, there are 2 ways to think about content writing, either write quality long articles or a quantity of short articles. Quality articles usually take much longer to write which gives Google the option to rank your article much better. Shorter articles aren't as SEO ready, so to make an impact with your blog, you must write many short blogs to improve SEO ranks.

What search engines truly like in terms of content?

Search engines prefer a large quantity of quality articles.

What are the best ways to make your blogs unique?

1-Write about new content that isn't too common on the web.

2-Ensure that your blogs is 500+ in word count total.

3-Bold Images and Powerful Titles can draw even more attention to your blog.


2-SEO Rules to Follow. Every blog needs to have its own SEO structure within the post. By following proven SEO rules when blogging, this will impact your index rate and search engine position rank.

What are top rules of SEO to follow when blogging?

1-Have a Keyword Target throughout the post.

2-Ensure that your post relates to your website and the desired audience.

3-Creative and unique content is ranked much higher on the web.

4-Make use of blog tags and meta tags on the header.

5-Generate a Sitemap and RSS feed for your blog.


3-Blog Production Schedule. To increase the overall blog count generated in a months time, creating a blog production schedule is very helpful. A custom schedule to fit your best time to blog is much needed.

What should you include in your blog schedule?

1-Identify the amount of free time you have to write your blogs.

2-Identify the exact time when to post your blog(s).

3-Location to post your blog ( website blog or on social media).


4-Social Media Sharing. Social media sharing can instantly increase online popularity, SEO ranks, and website visitors. Social media websites have billions of active users which browse, post. and share multiple times a day. It is recommended to post on social media daily. The more posts and interaction, the more followers and social media popularity will be gained back to your page.

Quick Fact: Visitors predict how popular and ‘big' a company is depending on their social media following.

5-Web Users Love Trust. Website users certainly love to go on reliable and trustable websites. This is the main reason why adding an SSL Certificate on your page will make a loud and positive statement to your visitors. Website visitors who see the green HTTPS in their browser certainly feel more secure on page. When web visitors become comfortable on a website,  it can almost guarantee a visitor to spend more time on that certain site and increase interaction.


6-Improve Brand Image. Building up your brand name is also a big plus online. Web users love to visit trusted and familiar companies online. Creating a popular image of your company online can be one of the best promotions you can do for your business.

Quick Tip: Launch a company press release. A press release has the ability to inform hundreds and thousands of news channels.


7-Impressive Landing Page. When creating a blog post or a social media post, the main goal is to divert traffic back to your main website, therefore, your website must have a great appearance to ensure that those visitors who enter your website will stay on your website. A website must be visually tasteful on the outside and have a robust code on the inside to ensure great website performance.

Quick Web Design Tip to Use: Digital animations are known for their ability to make great first impressions and increase web interactions.

Making your blog popular online can generate website hits, revenue, and company popularity. Certain strategies must be followed to guarantee success online.  Use the 7 great ways provided above to make your blog even more credible online!

This guest post is courtesy of Andy Williams of NTW Designs


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