Hack and Boost In-office Productivity with A Simple Cleaning Routine

A typical office space would measure its time in coffee cups. In other words, people are generally way too busy to think about the current state of the environment they work in. However, nothing kills productivity faster than cluttered desks and dusty bookshelves, not to mention poor communication and teamwork.

The presence of dust and germs can also trigger allergies, sinusitis, or even asthma. This is why establishing a healthy cleaning routine as a teamwork exercise among employees is so important. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what this routine includes and how it benefits everyone involved.

* The silly-simple, yet efficient office cleaning concept is credited on behalf the team at Fantastic Cleaners (London)

How Long Does The Cleanup Take?

About 4 to 8 minutes, depending on how well organized employees are.

However, it’s important to remember – cleaning is just a secondary goal. What this routine really aims to achieve is to encourage everyone in the office to work together as a TEAM. Surprisingly, one of the best ways you can do that is by having people wipe coffee stains and dust from their desks altogether with limited supplies and thus encourage simple communication and sharing.

Cleaning equipment you will need

Check how many people are working in the office, then make sure that the cleaning products you provide will not be enough for everyone. We will fully explain the reason behind this move in the next paragraph. In the meantime, supply your employees with the following items:


  • Paper towel rolls;
  • Furniture sprays;
  • Screen cleaning kits.


The philosophy behind the simple office cleaning routine

As stated earlier, cleaning is just a secondary benefit. The main goal here is to improve  communication and efficiency not just on an office scale, but on a company level as well. The low amount of detergents is intentional – this will give people an incentive to share their cleaning responsibilities and help wipe other desks in addition to their own. Performing this activity once or twice a week will keep the air fresh, spirits high, and instill a strong sense of camaraderie. Having to perform something as silly as wiping dust and dirt ALTOGETHER is how you “hack” what is important – teamwork.

The Benefits of Implementing This Routine

The simple action of casually wiping your desk can have a tremendous positive effect on your mind, body and performance as an employee. Below, we have examined the many positives of having a fresh and clean work environment.

Employees feel better

This simple act of collective cleaning will quickly turn the office into a welcoming space that promotes productivity and creative thinking. With less germs and dust floating around, colleagues will feel more energised and will take less sick leaves from work. After all, 8 hours is quite a bit of time, so we might as well do our best to spend it in a clean and clutter-free workspace.

Employees will work better

Thanks to this mini spring cleaning, people will also try to organize their desks in the most efficient manner possible. Once all inkless or broken pens, crumpled paper, and other clutter is taken care of, there will be no other distractions left in the way of progress and employees will also feel much less inclined to glance at the clock to count the hours left until they go home.

Employees will get along better

What makes this office cleaning method so great is the fact that it takes into account each person’s innate desire to be a part of a community. Let’s say that you ask of all employees to clean their desks just before they leave the office. Doing so will trigger a self-governing system, where employees will help each other out in an attempt to have all desks decluttered in time! How’s that for “hacking” efficiency?

If someone refuses to clean their desk, the disapproving stares of others will instantly pressure them into performing their social duties. Thus, the 4 to 8 minute routine once or twice a week should not be treated as a mere exercise in cleaning, but rather as an exercise in team bonding since it brings the community together to achieve the same goal – a tidy office that everyone can be proud of.

Moral of the Story

Many companies think that all cleaning-related work should be delegated to well organized crews of specialized professionals. And while you certainly should not pass every single one of these chores down to your employees or colleagues, you should at least let them organize their own desks altogether.

By establishing a regular office cleaning exercise, you will give each employee the opportunity to take a quick breather from work, bond with their colleagues, and offer them a fun and hassle-free way of boosting their morale and productivity throughout the rest of the day.

This guest post is courtesy of Dmitiri Kara.


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