Notable Security Checks: 3 Aspects To Consider The Next Time You Hire

Hiring is a sensitive time for any business or company. It just takes a single action of a careless employee to see your enterprise crumbling from within. Whether it’s from failure to protect sensitive business data that results in security breaches or inability to maintain positive relations with clientele and business partners, the wrong employee can stifle business growth and create a hostile or unsafe work environment. On the other hand, hiring the right person can foster a safe and continuously growing business. Here are three aspects to consider when hiring someone.


Check a candidate’s reliability and trustworthiness. You’d want your employees to have a moral compass guiding them throughout the day. Can they make ethical decisions in dire and high-pressure situations? Can they be trusted around the counter, inventory, or data? Any past misconducts and criminal charges against the candidate should be considered. One way of doing this is to hire a professional fingerprinting company, like Poway Livescan, to do a thorough background check.

Employment History

Knowing where a person has worked in the past can tell you a lot about what kind of employee he/she is. It doesn’t just detail the obvious work experience, but also the candidate’s loyalty. Hiring is both time-consuming, laborious, and, perhaps most importantly, costly. To fill in a job position, you or a senior level staff will have to allocate time in the day to conduct phone and in-person interviews, which costs the business money. And so to avoid undergoing this tedious process on a frequent basis, you’ll want to make sure that your employees are loyal and don’t jump ship after a few months of work. If your candidate’s employment history shows that he/she has been resigning from work every six months or so, it should serve as a red flag.

Credit Report

You’re probably thinking—why would an employee’s credit report be of any relevance when hiring? When it comes to jobs that require you to handle money or financial data, bad credit can be enough of a red flag to disqualify you from the position. A bad or nonexistent credit score can suggest poor personal financial management.

Hiring should be done in a planned and organized manner. Easily filter through your candidate list by using these three factors. Aside from these three, you should also look at the prospect’s technical knowledge, cultural fit, and personal values and traits.

This guest post is courtesy of Emma Sturgis.


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