Website Optimization Tips for WordPress Sites

WordPress is perhaps the top blogging software being used these days. It creates stylish and functional blogs with a classic appearance, such as If you’ve gotten into the blog game with a WordPress blog, you’ll want to optimize that blog so that people will find it attractive as well as simply find it often ( internet searches and so on). The following are some website optimization tips for WordPress sites:


The images you put on blogs are very important. Images can be put on home pages and so forth, which most people realize. However, did you fully realize the advantages of putting images in posts? By doing this, you’ve immediately increased the appeal and attention-grabbing qualities of the blog. Putting an eye-catching image or two (or even more if the spirit moves you) in each post is an easy way to optimize your blog.

It should be pointed out here that these images can be found by search engines as well (Google images, etc.), so in putting images on blog posts you’re potentially increasing traffic as well. Make sure you’ve included alt tags in the image settings. This will help the search engines find these. I like using the SEO Friendly Images plugin to do this automatically for me.

Make Sure Search Engines Aren’t Blocked

This is purely an SEO tip. You want to make sure search engines are not blocked. Some WordPress installations actually have default settings that block search engine bots! This would be quite an absurd error to make, wouldn’t you say? So before you wonder why you’re not getting as many hits as you’d like, check the settings on your WordPress blog and make sure that it is indeed allowing search engine access. Look in the Privacy settings under the Settings area.

Get Creative with Skins/Templates

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There are literally several hundred thousand WordPress “skins” or design templates and themes that can be downloaded free and used with WordPress. WordPress is open code, meaning that designers can take the code and work with it themselves. They have put a lot of creative effort into making great looking blog themes, so why not take advantage of their hard work and use a creative and interesting blog theme for your blog? Many premium themes have SEO feature settings built right in. A few of the most powerful themes that include SEO features are: Thesis and Genesis. Definitely look into these if you want a head start with your WordPress site’s SEO.

Enable Comments

Make sure that your blog allows comments. It should be set so that all users, not just registered ones, can leave comments. Having plenty of comments on a blog makes it fun to read, attracts further comments and traffic, and creates an atmosphere of currency and dialogue. One plugin I use regularly on my sites and the sites of my WordPress clients is the Comment Reply Notification plugin. It automates notifying the people that comment on a thread that there has been new comments added to a thread they are interested in. This encourages them to come back for future visits to your website. Perfect! Your commenters will appreciate this valuable feature you’re provided.

Make sure your blog is everything it can be by following these and other simple optimization tips. The purpose of a blog is to be attractive and engaging to people on the web. Optimization is the process of making sure it fulfills this purpose.

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