Why Your Firm May Need Content Delivery Network

Websites, whether designed for the purpose of enhancing business or entertainment, needs to be of high-speed. This enables users to access all the information and services offered without any restriction. This experience not only boosts customer retention, but also contributes to engaging new customers. CDN or Content Delivery Network is a support system offered to the websites for its seamless functionality and enhanced business growth. Its main purpose is depleting the loading time and offering desired services to the customers in a minimum time frame.

What is CDN?

Content Delivery Network is a simple yet intriguing technology that has successfully captivated the entire World Wide Web. It basically comprises of a group of hosts that are distributed all over the world in various strategic locations. These hosts are the proxy servers where all the information of the host is loaded. Irrespective of the type of content loaded on the server, the request is carried out in a minimum span of time.

When a consumer requests for a particular website, instead of sending a signal to the host server, it is loaded from the nearest server. This saves a huge amount of loading time contributing to enhanced satisfaction.

Reasons to Opt for CDN

When the concern is regarding the increased waiting time and video hosting, CDN is the perfect solution to invest in.It comes with enhanced web performance in a cost-effective manner. Let us have a look at the reasons to opt for the Content Delivery Network:

  • CDN depletes the latency between the server response and browser request.
  • The time span between the request sent by the user and request received by the server is reduced and vice versa.
  • It enhances the capacity to handle traffic.
  • Diminishes the bandwidth on the original servers.

How Does CDN Solve the Concerns?

CDN is about establishing various proxy servers for a particular website, across the globe. The server located nearest to the user is accessed when a request is sent, reducing the latency greatly. It brings the users geographically closer to the servers without having to spend a huge sum of money. You don’t need to install a separate hardware for the operation of CDN, as it is a virtual server. It creates cacheable files of the contents present inthe original website and keeps it stored in the proxy servers. It not only reduces the response time but also diminishes the load on the central server. CDN is an exclusive and efficient way of delivering the huge content of images, flash videos, animations, and more to the users.

Does CDN Ensure Complete Availability for a Web Page?

The Content Delivery Networks are available for all the websites associated with it, irrespective of the amount of traffic and content. It is also not affected by the network issues due to a unique advantage offered. If one of the servers is down, then it redirects the request to a different server, making the web page available. Hence, it is suggested to go for maximum number of cacheable pages to ensure availability of the websites.

Which Web Pages are Benefitted the Most with CDN?

The websites that have live streaming and scopes of high traffic during a similar time frame are benefitted greatly with CDN. The e-commerce web pages, especially during the festival time have higher chances of huge traffic.The efficiency offered by the web pages can only be enjoyed if these areavailed through the CDNs. Every customer of the e-commerce site will be able to enjoy a similar experience regardless the geographical location of the central server. The acceleration of streaming media, dynamic content, and progressive download can be availed with CDN. It offers various tools, services, and products that immensely enhance the appearance of the web content.

What to Consider Before Selecting CDN Service Providers?

Selection of an appropriate CDN service provider is as important as the technology itself. The CDN service providers must be chosen depending on the size, type, growth rate, traffic, and design of the web page. Some of the attributes that make a CDN service provider one of the finest are as follows:

  • Advanced Technology- All the web pages are not similar and demand certain technologies to accomplish the required activities. The CDN provider must have the latest technologies incorporated into the system to handle the requirements in a competent manner. For example, some of the providers don’t allow pseudo flash streaming in the web pages. If your website demands the same, then the selection needs revising.
  • Bandwidth- The remuneration of the CDN service providers are based on the monthly GB expenditure. Hence, it is wise to analyze the requirement and select the package accordingly. This will result in a cost-effective deal with an effective outcome.
  • Technical Support- Opting for a renowned CDN service provider is not enough. It is essential to receive an assurance regarding the difficulties faced during the operation of the same.
  • Experience- The firm must have experience in the field and must carry positive reviews from previous clients. This will act as an assurance before you make an investment.
  • Competitive Rates- It is one of the important factors that contribute greatly to the decision-making process. It is essential to take the quotes from the leading service providers and compare it with the services offered. This will help achieve the perfect decision.


CDN inxy.Hostis a firm that offers the finest solution you can find to design a high-performing web page. It has all the aforementioned attributes that make it highly successful in the industry. High quality, cost-effective and customer-centric specifications are the major attributes that you will procure for better results in the long run.

Guest post courtesy of Mohd.Sohel Ather of CDN inxy.Host

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