A Change of Space: 4 Pointers for Moving to a New Office Complex

Whether your business is moving on up to a better office complex or simply relocating, the moving itself can be a major process. Handling it properly will make the move go much smoother and with less productivity loss. Here are four tips that will make your business’s move a success.

Make Your Moving Plan

Moving isn’t the time to be playing things by ear. As soon as you know you’re going to be moving, you should start putting together a moving plan with all the tasks you’ll need to handle before that move. Include how far in advance you need to do everything, as well. This will ensure that you don’t forget anything.

Use a Moving Company

You can move your whole office yourself, but it probably isn’t the best idea. Your business likely has plenty of expensive, essential equipment that is necessary for its day-to-day operations, and you certainly wouldn’t want that getting damaged. Not only can a moving company like Price's Removals or someone similar ensure everything makes it to the new office complex safe and sound, they can also help you have an efficient move.

Contact Utility Providers

It’s important to clear any transfers of service, cancellations and setups with utility providers before you get to your new office complex. You don’t want to end up paying for services at your old office after you’ve moved out or arrive at your new office and not have internet for the first week. Go down the list of your utility providers and get in touch with all of them to avoid issues here.

Decide What to Do with Your Employees on Moving Day

There are a couple ways you can maintain solid productivity on moving day. The simplest is just to have the move happen on a day off, such as the weekend if your employees work a standard Monday through Friday schedule. If that’s not possible, you could also allow your employees to work from home that day. While you could have them work in the office as best they can, that may be challenging, and giving them the day off could work better.

When you’re moving your business to its new office complex, preparation is everything. Getting everything lined up for your move in advance will allow you to spot any potential issues and correct them, leading to a less stressful moving day.

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