5 Ways Snapchat Can Benefit Businesses

Snapchat may seem like a channel that’s limited to socially-savvy millennials, but the continual growth of social media platforms means that more and more of us are making the move online. From helping smaller businesses gain coverage to establishing and growing a brand identity, utilizing social media is proving to be a low-cost but highly-effective form of marketing.

Standing out from the competition has been – and always will be – crucial in business, but with the rising popularity of impactful social media marketing, it’s important that companies stay ahead of the social media curve.

With reports showing that Snapchat is one of the most engaging social networks out there, more and more businesses are focusing on building a strong following on this popular multimedia messaging app. So, how can SMEs adopt the same strategies? Today, we’re taking a look at the top 5 ways that Snapchat can help your business grow.


Tell your story

Thanks to the Snapchat story capability, you can do just that: tell your followers your story. Snapchat may have been founded on the concept of sending a short and snappy multimedia message before it was deleted forever, but the development of this feature has transformed how users broadcast their news.

Whether you’re attending an event, opening up a new store or adding a new product or service, keeping your followers up to date with the story feature is crucial for Snapchat success. Engage with your followers by offering easy and accessible content that they can obtain at the touch of a button.

Videos on social media should be short and snappy, and that’s especially true on Snapchat. On this app, videos and photographs are limited to a 10 second viewing period, so creating a string of short stories is the best way to share your message. Loyal customers and clients will love learning about the story and values of your brand, and where better to do so than with memorable, bite-sized updates?

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Promote competitions

Promotional codes and special offers are always a fantastic way to boost business, so why not use Snapchat to promote your competitions and offers? Treat your followers to a discount for their loyalty and you could soon be rewarded for your efforts.

With the rise of pop-up shops in recent years, one-off discounts have become increasingly popular, meaning impulsive buyers can be found in abundance. Spread the word about your flash sale or timely promotion with live updates on your Snapchat story to encourage spontaneous spending from your followers.

By promoting current and upcoming competitions on Snapchat, you can be certain that your latest marketing technique is designed to appeal to your most loyal followers. These consumers have committed to following your Snapchat account and are therefore far more likely to enter the competitions, which can only increase the likelihood of the strategy being a success.


Record live events

Whether you’re exhibiting from a stand or hosting an entire event, live Snapchat broadcasts are a must for any business that’s savvy on social media. Don’t let non-attendees miss out on the action; use the Snapchat story feature to keep your followers up to date on what’s happening in real time.

Why limit the chatter and buzz that’s surrounding your stand to those that could attend the event? Immerse your online followers with live footage of the day and your clients will instantly feel more engaged with the brand – increasing your chances of seeing more attendees at your next event. By covering these events on Snapchat, you’re maximizing your business’s coverage, which is sure to increase the success of your marketing expo – drawing people towards your point of sale and maximizing profit.

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Produce select content for followers

It’s important to be consistent with your social media marketing when utilizing a whole range of the digital channels available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer something slightly unique to your Snapchat community.

Your Snapchat audience have chosen to follow your account, meaning they’re clearly committed to your brand, so offering private content is the perfect way to provide special access to your business that non-followers won’t have. By offering specific content to this select community via an untapped social business channel, you’ll soon see your following grow, as more and more users get in on the action.


Get personal

With immersive experiences at the heart of modern-day marketing, more and more businesses are turning towards a personal and raw brand identity. With reports showing thatmillennials choose to trust influencers almost as much as their friends, revealing a personal side has never been so important in business.

Take your Snapchat followers behind the scenes to show them exactly what you’re about. Capture company outings, interesting moments in the office and even content from the manufacturing process. Revealing secrets about your company culture can lead to a dramatic differentiation between your brand and your competitors.

For a successful Snapchat account, make sure you determine what kinds of content you’re looking to produce and give your followers what they want. If you want to make your Snapchat account as unique as your business, share control of your Snapchat account with reliable employees – although always ensure that you employ strict guidelines on the kind of content that is deemed to be appropriate.

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Snapchat may be relatively new to the social media market, but there’s no denying that it’s one of the most engaging platforms out there. Whether you’re promoting your brand through Snapchat filters or boosting brand association by going behind the scenes in the office, this is a social media channel that boasts results for any marketing campaign.

Documenting your business by using the Snapchat story feature is an opportunity that should not be missed, so optimize the success of your event marketing today with this app.


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