5 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Favorite Business Innovations

Innovations are improving the way we do business by automating processes and increasing efficiency. Most of them are technological while others seek to promote an environmentally friendly workplace. Not forgetting the amazing possibilities to help in communication, reaching out to customers and marketing.

We asked entrepreneurs about their favorite business innovations and here are the responses.

#1-Marketing Automation Tools

Photo Credit: Zvi Benjamin Jarmon

With marketing automation, the lead generation and qualification processes become scalable, quantified and predictable on a per $ invested basis. It's an innovation that has revolutionized the way entrepreneurs grow. Instead of having a large sales and marketing department, you can invest a fixed sum on money into automating the entire process and let the leads come to you! The next evolution will be automatic deals closing – but with that there would be nothing left to do but sit on a beach and enjoy!

Thanks to Zvi Benjamin Jarmon, Joorney Business Plans!

#2- Email

Photo Credit: Mark Michael

email…for now… Email plugs into every marketing effort…from form fills to CRMs to drip campaigns. We use outbound marketing as our primary source for new business.

Thanks to Mark Michael, DevHub!

#3- Project management software

Photo Credit: Jan Bednar

I love project management software, especially Asana. I can't speak highly enough about it — when you are juggling four facilities, eight different departments, and several hundred different clients, you need to be able to triage projects and have a complete picture of what's on your plate at any given time. Asana gives me that, and for that reason, it is my favorite business innovation.

Thanks to Jan Bednar, ShipMonk!

#4- Cloud Computing

In recent history, business innovation has mostly been attributed to advancements in technology. As a business owner, I can say, without a doubt that my business model will not be as effective in generating revenue for my company, without the advancements of IT in business applications. One of my favourite business innovations, in recent history, is the development of Cloud Computing, to be specific, the use of project collaboration software tools in my business operations, which are hosted in the cloud. Having all our shared resources and projects managed through the cloud, has increased the productivity of my workers. There are some undisputed benefits for hosting our resources on the cloud, one of which is the reduced overhead cost of buying multiple storage devices for our files. Another benefit of the cloud in my business is version control. In the cloud, I can review previous versions of a particular document or computer program, if there is a need to go back to it.

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Thanks to Marcus Williams, Homenova!

#5- E-mail

Photo Credit: Paige Arnof-Fenn

Call me old-fashioned but for me the innovation I benefit from most is e-mail. I love how efficient it is for asynchronous conversations, you can keep projects moving forward, communicate key info quickly, stay in touch with people easily, share news, photos, etc. It is convenient, easy, fast and fun albeit addictive at times. I use it on both a mass and a targeted basis depending on the content. I can attribute a lot of new business to my e-mail communication. It is not fancy but it works for me.

Thanks to Paige Arnof-Fenn, Mavens & Moguls!

What is your favorite business innovation? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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