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16 Entrepreneurs Explain the Effects of Technology on Their Business

It’s becoming increasingly important for every business to have at least basic technology to run daily operations in the current day society. It makes communication seamless and brings both tangible and intangible results. However, technology is a double-edged sword with a negative implication on business, especially when in the cyber-crime era. Here’s what entrepreneurs had to say about the effects ...

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17 Entrepreneurs Explain The Future Technology Trends in Their Industries

The current innovations are always making room for new ones in the respective industries. One thing is certain, we expect to see a lot of technological advancements that will either improve or hurt the way people carry out their businesses. Prevalence of the internet is creating an enabling environment for technological advancements beyond the IT industry and making things much easier. ...

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19 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Must-Have Technology in Business

It’s amazing how things change in this era of the internet. As a small business owner, you have to keep up with these technological improvements and adopt some. They help in improving the productivity of your team and automating processes in your business. It also saves your valuable time and helps keep track of activities happening around you. We asked ...

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Top Technology Trends Every Small Business and StartUps Should Adopt

If you are running a small business or a startup business, there are several trends you need to be aware of that will help you move forward. Small businesses can no longer afford to hide their heads in the sand and pretend that the old ways of doing business is going to cut it. There are already businesses ahead of ...

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Getting Windows 8 For Your Business

Business owners are always confused with regards to which operating system is the best for their organization and how they will be able to simplify the workflow at the organization by choosing the right operating system for the employees. There are a number of different kinds of operating systems available for you to choose from, but if you’re looking for ...

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5 Industries Impacted by VR (and How You Can Leverage It, Too)

Virtual reality or VR can no longer be ignored as a way of the future. Forecasters predict the market will grow from $3.7 billion in 2016 to an incredible $30 billion by 2020. And its impact will go far beyond the realm of gaming. VR is going to affect every industry and most people don’t know it yet—but it’s already ...

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7 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on the Future of Social Media

Social media is a changing force. It not only makes marketing easy, it also increases a brand’s visibility. There are various things that will shape the future of social media. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality is anticipated to facilitate major improvements on the various platforms. Businesses might also have to use smart ways to engage with their audience in the ...

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The Top 10 Website UI Trends of 2018 You Need to Implement Right Now

What is a website without its users? That is something all site owners should mull over before they think about skimping on design and usability features. The dedicated visitor traffic to a website determines its popularity and profitability. Your site’s usability will determine its conversion rate. The user interface (UI) will contribute to a significant part of your monthly revenue. ...

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Danger in the Cloud: How to Build a Zero Trust Network

Keeping up with cybercrime is a constant battle in the virtual world. But what’s the point of protecting your castle if the criminals can get in when the drawbridge is down? Whether it’s to steal your data, hold it hostage, or sadistically wreak havoc, cyber threats are a real and present danger to any business. Current methods are no longer ...

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Four Keys to Finding the Right Cyber Security Expert For Your Organization

Today’s business landscape requires organizations to be increasingly dependent on the strength of their cyber security teams, and understanding how to hire a legitimate expert in the field is critical. But cyber security is an industry that continues to evolve, and it is a challenge for businesses to identify unique, valuable skills for their cyber security professionals. The following guidelines ...

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