The Top 10 Website UI Trends of 2018 You Need to Implement Right Now

What is a website without its users? That is something all site owners should mull over before they think about skimping on design and usability features. The dedicated visitor traffic to a website determines its popularity and profitability. Your site’s usability will determine its conversion rate. The user interface (UI) will contribute to a significant part of your monthly revenue.

Just like every other aspect of website development and design, UI evolves round the clock to suit the needs of the potential customers. Unless you stay in touch with the UI design trends of your niche, you will fall behind. The only way to outdo your competition is by investing in intuitive website design that facilitates ease of navigation.

Here are the top UI trends for 2018 you need to know to stay on top of the game –

  1. A new structure of the landing page

One way to keep your visitors hooked to one page is by restricting most of the information to the first page. Landing pages in 2018 have almost all the data users are looking for. The accommodation of more content on the first page of a site limits the bounce rate and improves dwell time.

  1. Pay attention to images

Modern user trends are emphasizing on image quality and loading speed. Websites without images of products or images in the company portfolio do not perform as well as the ones with HD images do. Customers love to see images of the products they would like to buy. Offering hover-zoom and 360-degree views of the items can improve user satisfaction levels significantly.

  1. The inclusion of color gradients
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Websites without colors are just passé. Your site does not need to be a rainbow, but it cannot do without user-friendly colors either. There is a considerable bulk of research on color psychology and the effect of colors on customer behavior you need to read up on before making the color choices for your site. It is true that the header color, font color and background color of your website will determine a substantial amount of your site ROI.

  1. Pay attention to typography

One of the many reasons you have come this far on this page is the font we have used. The typeface of your content, headers, CTA, and captions will dictate the distribution of people's attention and interest. If you manage to create a visual hierarchy with the help of your font choice and font sizes, you should be able to control the way people's eyes cruise through your page. Stick to a maximum of 3 fonts and assign definite purpose to each of them.

  1. Integrate 3D graphics to your site design

There is nothing more important than creating an immersive feel. Websites that can incorporate 3-dimensional graphics into your site command more CTR and lower bounce rate. Just make sure that the new generation graphics do not weigh your server down. Your webpage should not take longer than 2 seconds to load on the desktop or mobile devices. The 3D graphics should not compromise your UX.

  1. Mobile responsiveness is still important

Irrespective of your graphics choices, you need to ensure that your website is ready for all sorts of devices. Mobiles, laptops, tablets, notebooks, and desktops should all be able to access your website with equal ease. To make this happen, you need a strong grasp of custom website developmentand a robust CMS by your side. Businesses that do not have responsive web fronts often experience higher bounce rates.

  1. Keep it neat
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Your user groups can vary depending on location, product type, and product prices, but all users fine one trait attractive in websites – neatness. To enhance the UX of your site, begin by decluttering it. Analyze the user feedback for making improvements to your navigation, menu options, CTAs, and website content. Placing too many options in front of the mobile user puts them off and shoos them promptly to a competitor site. Your aim should be to provide a streamlined experience that leads the user towards the end of the sales funnel.

  1. Optimize for voice searches

2018 has taken voice searches and optimization for AI to a new level. Google was the first in the market to introduce a voice-activated interface, but right now Google is not alone in the VA market. This allows a hands-free experience that mobile users love. With a distinct preference for voice assistant mediated searchers, it is no wonder that this year demands you to adopt a VA interface.

  1. Invest in video

The end of 2017 did not bring an end to the video era. If anything, the importance of video content has increased manifold thanks to mobile traffic. Almost 80% of the mobile data will come from video content by the end of 2020, and you should be a part of that party. People do not like to read anymore, and you cannot fool them with fancy colors or fonts. A part of the immerse UX is the video content that can include a bulk of the information you need to share with your target audience. Keep it interesting, understandable and short. Do not shy away from animation. There is no better way to turn your site into a traffic magnet.

  1. Work on your website chat feature
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You need to pay more attention to your site chat that you are possibly paying right now. Your users like to feel important and wanted. The best way to give them all the attention they deserve is by investing in intuitive chat functions for your site. Several websites now use AI chatbots. Several scenarios do not require the presence of a human customer service executive. Therefore, a chat box and instant reply option make the site a lot more attractive to the users.

These might be the top 10 UI trends of 2018, but these are not the only ones. This is just the tip of the iceberg you need to scale to keep your site afloat.


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