Ways To Add Instagram Photo Feed To WP For Free

Are you making any plans to add Instagram photo feed to WP site? There are so many types of IG plugins, which have already been shared in the past, but you were never showed how to work on that and add IG picture feed to WordPress site. With the help of this post, you are about to change this notion for good. There are some step by step guides available, which will help import Instagram photos to WP site automatically. This method is designed to work anytime no matter where you are planning to import the photos from. You can get it from:

  • Someone else’s account
  • Your very own
  • Location or hash tag

Unless you have to pull the photos from location of hash tags, the services are 100% free!


Plugin for job into IG feed:

Even though there are so many plugins available to help you add IG feed to WP site, you can always head towards Instagram Feed.

  • It is one of the most promising names under IG plugin, making it a good indicator
  • Developers get the chance to update it regularly and all the support requests will be answered in forum
  • You get the chance to display photos from various IG accounts just under one feed
  • If that wasn’t enough, it has a pro version to it, which will help you to pull in photos from locations of hash tags

Installing IG Feed and adding IG token:

After you have installed and activated Instagram Feed, it is time to head towards the “Instagram Feed” option in dashboard sidebar. Here, you have to add “Access Token.” It provides you with the plugin access to Instagram so that you can easily import photos. Without this token, your plugin won’t be authenticated to be used in IG feed and cannot work properly then.

  • The services are rather super easy to work with once you have already logged into your IG account. All you have to do is just click the button.
  • It will help you to check on the “Access Token” listen. You have to copy that value into Access Token box and then click on the changes you have made at the bottom part of the page.

Once you have covered and conquered this part, you are all set to choose the point from where you want to pull the pictures.


Choose the user IDs for pulling pictures:

User IDs are mainly some of the numerical representation of any specified IG account. Your own account will also have one, just like every other single account on Instagram. Now the question is how to find that user ID of an account on IG. The easiest and proven way to work on that is by using any one of the tools available online. Smash Balloon is one such example, and you can start using this form of tool anytime you want.

  • All you have to do is just enter the username of account, whose user ID you are planning to get. It can be either your own account or someone else’s. After that solve math problem and click on the term stating, “Get Instagram User ID.”
  • It will easily provide you with all the username based information. Copy that User ID option and then easily paste it into User ID box.
  • In case you are planning to display pictures from multiple accounts, there are separate accounts with common available for you to try.
  • Once you are done with this step, click on the term stating “Save Changes.”


Start your ways to customize feed:

Once you are done and settled with the feed sources, it is time to head towards the “customize” tab, which will set up the ways in which the IG picture will be styled in. for that, following some basic steps will help you big time.

  • You have to check the width of your feed. It can be in fixed pixel width or in percentages.
  • Next stop is the height of feed, which is more or less same like the width.
  • Now you have to check on background color. Most of the time, you can leave it as default option.
  • Now the time is for sorting photos. You can work on it from newest to oldest or in any random way.
  • You have to check on the number of pictures, which will be the total displayed number. The maximum is 33, which is enough.
  • Now is the number of columns. It will showcase the number of columns you want to divide the photo grid into. In case you select 1, the list will be in vertical shape.

There are some other smaller options you can work with as well. Once the choices have been made, you have to click on the “save changes” button once more.


Display IG feed:

After you are done with the appearance configuration, now time for the third option, which is “display your feed.” Here, you have to copy the short code. Once done, it is time to visit the place where the ID feed is going to be displayed. Depending on goals you have created, it can be under any one of the four heads.

  • Page
  • Post
  • Page builder interface
  • Widget

Once you have selected the slot, it is time to paste the shortcode into WordPress Editor, widget or in a page builder element. Right at the front end, you will come to see feed of selected IG photos as you have worked on.

Follow the norms as mentioned:

For the first-timers, following the steps minutely can come as a challenge. But, it won’t take much time to learn and go through the processes on your own. Once you have done that, things will genuinely work in your way. Just be sure to hold your horses as you don’t want to hurry up and go through some silly mistakes.


Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit and get a clear idea about the software from experts.

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