The Things that No One Told You in Details About the Core SEO World

Did anyone tell you that you must continue to do SEO for your website for staying in the best position or for improving your SERP position? If not, then you be guided about this by your SEO company. Many people live with the notion that they need to do a basic preliminary SEO for the site to bring it on the first page of Google, and once it’s there, the SEO is no more needed. But that’s entirely a wrong concept. The requirement for SEO stays paramount always and forever because it is the one activity which would keep a site in front of all your visitors’ eyes always.


Concept of SERP

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. When there is a query on a search box, then the next page that comes up as a return to the query, and contains names and links to all websites, is the SERP. There are two types of links on a SERP. The first few (2 to 4) links are paid or sponsored links, which are advertisements, put by the search engine. Websites pay the search engine to show their links here. The following ten links are the typical result that is drawn organically following a systematic algorithm of the search engine.


SEO simplified

Before even going into the answer to that you must understand thoroughly what SEO is. When you would realise that, you will also understand the impact of the lack of SEO quickly. SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Optimization means the process of making something more noticeable so that the eyes do not miss it, and it is visible prominently. To do SEO for a site, one has to do a set of tasks. The primary motto is to give the search engine enough links to the site containing targeted keywords so that search engine can relate that keyword to that site. Contents containing links for the website is created, and such contents and links are posted on external web pages to develop several inbound links which when clicked would direct to your site.


What are Keywords

When you optimise website content before the search engine then, this means you uphold the site in every possible way before the search engine so that the engine reads the site contents for all the targeted keywords you want the site to rank. That’s one reason keywords are so very essential. Because search engines show a site on its SERP as the return to a query, and the query is the bunch of words or word entered on the search box. Thus the question or search term is the keyword. And every such target keyword must return the name of your site on the SERP.


What happens when you stop doing SEO

When you stop doing SEO:

  • You stop taking the steps for optimising your site.
  • You stop making links for the site on external pages.
  • You also stop posting content on the site with target keywords.
  • You stop posting content, containing essential keywords and links to the site, on other external pages too.
  • You stop talking about the site everywhere and leave the site at its current position and fate.

It does not mean all the work done previously gets erased or nullified. But it merely signifies one of the participants in the race (in this case your website) has stopped running suddenly and is standing still on the track. But does that mean the other participants will also stop running? Well, they won’t. Other rivals working on those sets of keywords would continue to strive with their link building and marketing efforts to push continually. And hence they will make more contents and links, keep posted about the latest events, and stay in the first row. And in comparison, to them, the site that stopped doing SEO will gradually get outnumbered and sent back in SERP for the other advancing sites.


The role of a good SEO service provider

A good SEO service provider will never stop their work, and will never make your site go a single day without creating some useful and useful links for it. your website should:

  • Never fall back both regarding inbound and outbound links.
  • The site will have good navigation, interlinking content, interlinking pages, a regular sitemap, and high-quality content and helpful links everywhere.
  • The site will have gradually increasing external links that will keep on piling up for effective SEO daily.
  • Links and contents posted for the site must be done naturally thereby adhering to the norms of organic link building.


Organic SEO

Do you know that your SEO company should never run robot programs and software apps in a way that creates bulk links for you without real quality? If you seem to be happy with the fact that loads of links are being created through software and paid programs to boost your site's SERP, then you must stop and think. That is not the right way to gain a good SERP, and rather the perfect formula to get blacklisted in the eyes of Google for being over promotional and posting low-quality spam links.

The healthy way is to go the organic way. And organic SEO is the best practice and the most religious way to do SEO. In this method, links are built in a controlled way while maintaining quality in the first place. A reasonable amount of links that looks natural in the eyes of the search engine and contains quality contents makes for an organic approach to SEO.


Checking with the rivals

One of the prerequisites for doing complete SEO is to check the rivals and their activities. The more you know what your opponents are doing, and how far they are trying, the better equipped you will be with the exhaustive researches. Check with the SEO attempts of competitors – their targeted keywords, their chosen high authority pages for guest posting and link building, all help in building better SEO plans for the site. And the right good SEO service provider will do such gala research for your website now and then to regulate strategies and planning.

Hiring the right SEO company needs a little bit of research and homework, give your best to come across the exact option!


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