Tips for Making a Perfect Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Making Pinterest marketing strategy is unquestionably one of the perfect practices to get traffic on your websites. Pinterest is one of the popular social networking sites among individuals. PewResearch reports said that around 31% of online adults use Pinterest, which makes it a popular network among the masses.

It is a known fact that the social media platforms are the best sources to drive the traffic over the website. These networks allow you to reach among masses in a very less time. Technically, you come in the reach of masses instantly. The thing you are required to do is to promote your social media pages or posts by different means and to increase your followers to get more and more engagements.

Different social media platforms provide distinct ways to get in touch with the masses. Pinterest is the image-centric social network. Users upload images here for different purposes. It is one of the best platforms to find pictures of your interests. The Pinterest updates can be compared closely to Instagram updates. In Instagram also, the messages are conveyed with the help of pictures. However, we can find some differences between the features of Instagram and Pinterest.

There are a lot of social media marketing tips for the promotion of your business. Some of them are alike whereas there are some others, which are specific to the platform you are using. When you are using Pinterest, then also you can need to use some specific techniques.

The purpose of making Pinterest marketing strategies for you is to drive more traffic for your business. Here are some of the marketing strategies you can use after you make your profile over Pinterest.


  1. You Need to Optimize Your Boards and Descriptions

It is important to give a correct name and description to your Pinterest board, which is undoubtedly a right marketing strategy. The right names help the users in two ways. First, the users who need the content you provide find it easily. In addition to this, users can easily understand what they can expect from your profile. For the right Pinterest marketing strategy, the titles should also in accordance with the keywords searched by people. For example, you have a website for renaissance fair dresses; you can create boards with the title “renaissance fair dresses” or “renaissance costumes” etc. The keywords can be specific or generic, and they help you in attracting the right audiences for your products or services.

The other aspect is optimizing the description for your board. The word limit for the description is 500 words, but you should try to keep the short descriptions. According to some experts, the description should be written in the way as it is in case of Meta description in articles and blogs. It is better to write it in 160 words or less. The keywords that you have used in the title should be used.


   2. Pins Should Be Buyable


According to some researches, 93% of Pinterest users use Pinterest as a platform to plan to buy the products. So, it is required to make the Pins buyable. So, making the Pins buyable can increase traffic as well as revenues at the same time. A Pinner can click “Add to bag” from the Pin itself, and then proceed to checkout even without leaving Pinterest.


   3. Pins Should Be Optimized Properly

Optimization of Pins is also an essential aspect without any second thought. Adding the ideal Pin description may help you in driving users’ engagement. This engagement is found in the form of likes, comments, and re-pins. As per some researches, the descriptions of around 200 words are often re-pinned.

Hashtags are also provided by Pinterest. But, so many hashtags should be avoided. You should keep in mind that the Pin description is meant for describing your Pin. So many hashtags in the description can put the negative impact on your Pin to be found in the search.

While writing the Pin description, you should remember that this is the aspect which engages the users and convinces them to visit your website. So, there is no doubt that more strategic thinking, as well as forethought, is required at the time of writing the Pin descriptions. It is unquestionably a major part of Pinterest marketing strategy.


   4. Use More Informative Pins

You must try that your Pins should provide more and more information to the users. The information you provide in your Pins helps the users in understanding more about your products and services. You can add Product Pins, which also include pricing, availability and the places where the users can find the products to buy. As mentioned above also, you can also create “Add to bag” option for the users to buy the product without leaving Pinterest.


   5. Make Strategy to Build a Strong Presence on Pinterest


It is required to understand how to build a strong presence on Pinterest. You need to work on a proper Pinterest marketing strategy or some strategies in order to get a strong presence. The strategies that can be used for this purpose include:

  • Prefer to Upload Your Pins from Websites Instead of Uploads: The most valuable aspect of using Pinterest is your Pin and its source link. When the pin is uploaded from your website, you get a backlink for your website from a reputed website. There is also a feature of re-pinning your Pin by others. When someone does this, the backlink of your website remains the source of your pin.
  • Select Correct Categories for Your Pins: Some marketers add Pin to irrelevant categories, which is undoubtedly a bad practice. As a matter of the fact, you need to reach the right audiences in order to drive traffic over your website, but this purpose is not fulfilled in case of adding Pin in an irrelevant category. Moreover, it makes your Pin untrustworthy, which is further counted into spam. The perfect Pinterest marketing strategy is to put your Pins in the right place to create the best experience for users.


   6. Verify Your Website or Blog


You also get the feature to verify your website or blog on Pinterest and believe it that it is a good Pinterest marketing strategy. It helps in the growth of your website in two ways. First, it tells the users that you own the Pin you have posted from your website. Secondly, it also gives you access to Pinterest Analytics. After being verified, a checkmark is displayed next to your business name to the visitors.


   7. Make Pinterest Account a Business Account


Your Pinterest account should look on-brand. So, you need to proceed to create a business account. Some of the websites, such as SproutSocial takes this as a first step you need to consider. It is free as well as easy to create a business account or to convert a personal account to a business account. If you have started from a personal account then it is the right time to convert into the business account, which will be a perfect Pinterest marketing strategy. Your business account also should have useful SEO keywords.


   8. You Need to Optimize Your Website

It should be easy for your website visitors to Pin from your pages. Pinterest has own “Save Button”, which you can use or you can customize your own share button.  


   9. Optimize Your Images

Do you know which the best performing product pins are on Pinterest? These are the Pins of lifestyle photography. As it is an image-centric website, the first thing that gets the value is to have the quality pictures. While making the product pages, you need to make sure that you should include some lifestyle photos. These photos attract users plus make them valuable in the sight of Google images.


   10. Use Pinterest Analytics to Analyze Your Work


As mentioned above also, you get access to Pinterest analytics when you verify your website or blog. You should use the analytics to analyze your work, which may further help you with improvements. You get the insights on your most popular Pins. It gives you an idea that which are those aspects on which you are required to focus.


   11. Always Be Active

Simple yet very significant aspect is that you should be active. This is not just the Pinterest marketing strategy, but this strategy is required to be followed in case of other platforms also. You should schedule some time to source your content as well as to check on what exactly is being Pinned on your website.


Want to know the best part of Pinterest marketing strategy? It is not rocket science and you can do-it-yourself. Just follow the basic strategies and watch the enormous results coming your way. So go out on Pinterest and have fun.


Guest post courtesy of Shubham Yadav

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