Want to Write a Smart PPC (Pay Per Click) ad Copy? Important Tips to Follow

Simply put, an ad copy is an essential aspect of a PPC ad campaign. Even though traditional advertising enables most advertisers to convey their message using various paragraphs and lines, PPC ads need to have a restricted number of character space. For instance, Google AdWords enables a total of 95 characters, of which 25 characters go to the heading and about 35 characters on the two lines individually.

Since there's limited space available for the brand message, it is equally essential that you develop a smart ad copy. You can always join hands with an expert service provider of online marketing to provide you with the best PPC solutions possible. These guys will help you to develop a successful and customized PPC advertising campaign. Some of the smart guidelines are as follows:

  • Make use of keywords in the ad copy

Though it might sound fundamental, not everyone can make an intelligent use of their keywords in their ad copy. Several advertisers resort to generic ads rather than generating multiple versions customized around the keywords. There is other who writes very general ads and uses that same copy for the entire ad group. It is an easy way to go about it. Shortcuts will eventually result in very uncertain outcomes. The quality score is going to be low, and the ad will fail to grab the maximum attention of the one who's searching.

Generally, the keywords get displayed right in front of your headline. When the ads don’t add their keywords, they somehow fail to draw adequate attention to their ads. Once you start using the keywords in your ad copy, it will result in you in developing increased ads. However, the outcome will be worth your effort.


  • You should have stronger CTA (Call to Action), ad extensions and site links

It’s essential to have a strong CTA in the add, as that will inform people who chance upon the ad what you would want them to do, the moment they click on your website. Your CTA is your plea to sale from your customers. Additionally, you also have the chance to resort to extensions in your ad for being able to drive an individual to carry out other actions, for instance making a phone call or submitting emails.


  • Practice being concise

Since Google AdWords has its own set of rules, it is essential that you keep your ad copy crisp, precise and top the point. However, all the words that you are adding inside the block do matter. You, of course, have a chance to appeal to the user's eye even before they can scroll down the entire list of multiple ads and many other non-targeted outcomes on the landing page. However, this practice of being concise is not just helpful for Google Adwords but also elsewhere as well. Customers today have very short attention spans. Hence, the method of writing quick and concise PPC ad copy will help in grabbing people's attention to your ad copy.


  • Making use of PPC management

Just in case you are starting right from scratch, it is essential to seek professional help. Both PPC management and content development management services are going to add in a huge difference in the way your advertising and copy gets presented. It could mean to get the feet wet for you to get on with the advertising controls, a person or an expert group who has an excellent know-how on PPC management as well as Google AdWords. It will help you to make your start on the correct track.


Refrain from asking those question the answers to which you are already aware of

To state in simple words, it’s not a good practice to ask your customers any question. Just in case, you are selling pillows, let not the headline read as “Need new pillows/cushions.”  Such kind of question is redundant. If a customer is watching your ad copy or is browsing through your website chances are that he or she is in need to cushions or pillows/. Instead, take an intelligent approach. Question the reason that decides why they are searching for what they are searching. You could add more meaning and value to your ad copy by writing “We offer memory foam pillows,” “We sell discounted pillows and cushions,” “But new cushions and pillows today” and the like.  Chances are they will draw in more in response that you expected. And this applies to almost any industry, irrespective of the service or brand.


You need to make all your ads timely and local

It's essential to ensure that all your ads are updated. It’s a smart call to not all any ads from your old sale to keep lingering on. You might find it helpful to add in timers to all your ads. It will compel the online customers and users to click into the ad copy. Nobody today wants to miss out on an online sale available for a limited span of time.

Furthermore, ensure that most of your ads are very local. It is primarily, right if you are providing a service and you want all your online customers to know about your business location and that it can get traced very easily. Localization is an essential aspect of PPC ad campaign. When you reach out to a professional service provider, you will get the required know-how and assistance to go about it.

Today, the online world is a competitive one and every brand entering the market wants to stand out from the competition. It means they want to have a distinctive identity for them and also welcome people enquiring about their services, products, and attractive discounts. For this, you can't afford to have an ad copy that performs in an average way. You need to excel and have an excellent ad copy that stands out than the rest bringing more ROI for your company. And you can do this by merely opting in for the above-discussed PPC guidelines and see the difference in results for yourself.


Guest post courtesy of Alexander Fernandise

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