Influences to Consider Before Determining Your Digital Marketing

In this digital age, every aspiring marketer knows by now that one of the hottest tips to grow a customer or client base is to combine marketing and advertising as a way to stimulate interest and get their products or services out there to the consumer.

Marketing strategies have evolved drastically over the last few years, such that traditional media consumption, which plays a big role to establish the presence of your product, brand or service has taken a back seat and in its place, digital has taken the lead.

Changes in technology have given business owners new methods to digitally connect with their clients and customers. Digital marketing is an entirely new spectrum offering a wide range of opportunities that business owners can limitlessly explore: including video marketing, email campaigns, mobile marketing, social media marketing and even blogging. As you embark to consider influences that determine your digital marketing, you may need to consider several factors.

Young people today prefer to seek entertainment through social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram rather than radio and TV. The proliferation of social platforms has made way for a sea of opportunities for brand salespeople to develop a distinct positioning for their products by developing the right strategy using the appropriate digital platform.

Tapping on celeb culture

Before determining your digital marketing strategy, there is a need to explore the specific options you have. This will enable you to create the right tools to promote brand awareness.

While tapping on the celebrity culture can increase brand familiarity, certainty and credibility are important tools that inform consumer’s decision-making process. So if you’re looking to make your digital marketing plans work, you need to learn the ingredients and the recipe for success.

Here are some of the most important influences to consider that can contribute to the success of your digital marketing plan:

1.     Research

Good research is crucial to be able to develop a strategy that would not only fit your product’s specifications but also to the targeted audiences to avoid in the face advertising.  Influencer content quality and reach should be measured in order to assess the audience involvement.

The audience is very smart and when they sense that a product is getting promoted out of a motive, they quickly lose interest. Through research, influencers need to ensure the content that they roll out to their audiences is likable and relatable as far as credibility and authenticity are concerned.

2.     Target market

Before launching on digital marketing to attract traffic and convert them into customers, and ultimately increase your sales, check out how your customers use digital marketing and source information about brands, products or any other topic related to your business. Ensure your digital marketing efforts reflect the language and images that reflect your target market and clearly resonates with them.

3.     Technology

Digital marketing relies heavily on technology. If you get software and browser issues that make your banner advertisements and your website unable to load, then your digital marketing campaign is a non-starter.

If your business is going to experience frequent issues with its digital marketing campaign, similarly your digital strategies will fail to promote your brand.

Aside from software issues, you may also need to invest in equipment and hardware to implement your digital marketing strategies. For instance, if you’re into video marketing, you’ll need to purchase a digital camera, audio equipment, lights, and other recording hardware. You may also need to hire a studio and an expert to handle the recording and editing aspects.

4.     The budget

No matter the type of digital marketing you’re involved in, cost remains an important factor. If your budget is limited, don’t consider opting out for fear that it may not take off. Many successful companies today started small with threadbare premises and small budgets.

Access to social media platforms is free and one of the tips is to adopt low-cost budgets but create a powerful media presence, creating videos on YouTube and even blogging, using your computer and web camera.

While launching your campaign, you may want to give a wide berth to costly options such as setting up micro-sites, sms services or pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

5.     Professionalism

To succeed in digital marketing, you and your team should be well grounded in both knowledge and experience. This knowledge and experience are crucial tools that will influence your overall marketing strategy.

As mentioned earlier, your audience is very smart and the moment they smell a rat, they will bolt out of your presentation hall. Before delving into digital marketing know your options well: Particularly how to make digital ideas work and how to measure their success. If you lack these skills, then consider hiring a marketing guru who specializes in digital marketing.

6.     Consider your Return on Investment

The return on investment is the main reason you’re launching a digital marketing campaign. You may have unlimited funds as start-up capital, but that should not motivate you to ignore the return on the investment, ROI.

When it comes to measuring the ROI, many digital marketers are surprisingly ignorant and only get jolted when the business starts to register losses and face collapse.

You must have a good understanding of how much money your company gets in return for the money you spend. This can only happen with a good understanding of return on investment fundamentals. This is the clearest way to understand without bias the tactics that work best for your company.

7.     Choose the right channel

Placing campaign ads on channels that draw the most ratings can exhaust your resources without drawing the desired traffic. More is not always the best for digital marketing. The more focused your efforts are, the more chances you have of succeeding.

So avoid splashing your dollars by placing ads on every available channel. Find out the channels that are right for your business. A professional digital marketing consultant can guide you to identify the best ways to grow your business while also assessing your past performance and help you plan for the future.

Keeping track of your ROI, and data analysis will enable your team to understand the channels that provide the best results for your digital marketing campaign.


The digital marketing environment is forever changing. So it’s perfectly okay for marketers to feel confused when it comes to choosing which tactics to adopt in order to create brand awareness and boost revenues.

But the confusion is always short-lived as a result of fast-changing technology.  Companies that quickly master the complex world of digital marketing will be the ones that stay ahead of the competition.

 Author’s Bio:

Catherine Park is a connector with Caffeinated who help businesses find their audience online. She loves working in the ever-changing world of digital and is fascinated by the role content plays in today’s marketing.

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