7 Entrepreneurs Explain Why or Not They Have A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VA) can be lifesavers for busy entrepreneurs looking to relieve off important tasks that don't necessarily generate income. It saves the costs of hiring an employee and helps other staff to be productive in revenue-generating activities. However, some entrepreneurs will prefer not to hire a VA for some reasons such as trust issues or fear of letting go of the tasks they've been handling.  The decision on whether or not to hire a VA is purely based on one's choice and evaluation of prevailing factors such as costs involved in the business.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners whether or not they have a virtual assistant and here are the awesome responses.

#1- Yes and worth every penny

Photo Credit: Nicole Thelin

Having a Virtual Assistant has been a lifesaver for me. I'm an absolute control freak and I was certain that I could do everything better than anyone else could. However, my VA has been able to completely take over major tasks (like all client interaction) and much of the minutia that made up my workday. As a result, I've been able to spend more time away from my desk and actually enjoy life while I'm building my business. I used to work12-18 hours per day. Now, I work 3-5. It's been absolutely incredible – and well worth every penny!

Thanks to Nicole Thelin, Low Income Relief!

#2- Strongly recommend having one

Photo Credit: Don Wede

I have been using a VA in the Philippines for just a little over two years. I strongly recommend the use of a VA. My VA does all of my SEO work on our websites. My VA does all of my Craig’s List advertising. My VA does all of my Facebook advertising. My VA does all of my social signals. These tasks that the VA does I would not have the time or the talent to perform. Using a VA to me is invaluable. A VA helps you grow your business

Thanks to Don Wede, Heartland Funding Inc.!

#3- Yes, they've saved me a lot of time

Photo Credit: Jeremy Biberdorf

Honestly, I don't know how I could possibly run my online business without a VA. For the past five years I've had 2 or 3 VAs working for me. When running a business it is so crucial to be efficient with time and not waste time on tasks which someone else could easily handle. Why not spend on your most crucial business tasks? For my business I've used VAs for a wide variety of tasks including email management, social media, research, marketing and much more. I'm always trying to free up more time by passing on more tasks. Even a bigger company could benefit from having some extra support staff to help with random tasks. The time of your full-time staff can be very valuable too.

Thanks to Jeremy Biberdorf,!

#4- Yes, helps me with social media and other areas

Photo Credit: Caloni Michelle Moses

With a social media presence being imperative for business owners nowadays, I understand the importance of being active on different platforms. I have a virtual assistant (VA) who helps me for three to four hours per day seven days a week just on my social media platforms. I also have her help me with various tasks such as checking typographical errors on client projects, bookkeeping and miscellaneous research. I first hired a VA three years because I needed help responding to social media messages in a timely manner. Today, I still need her help on social media but I’ve found her to also be valuable in other areas of my business that are not worth my time doing or that someone else can easily do.

Thanks to Caloni Michelle Moses, Brandstrom!

#5- Yes, she handles backend tasks

Photo Credit: Naomi Hall

Yes we have a VA and here is why we brought her on: We brought on our first team member when the core tasks of our business were being put on the back burner. The moment you realize that you have been slacking on the tasks that actually grow your business because of all the backend tasks, that are a necessity, that is the moment you need to stop and reevaluate your workload. Hone in on the work you do best and will generate income in your business and hire other people to do the rest. Being the Jane of all trades can seem like a necessity for many entrepreneurs, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Focus. Outsource. Up-level.

Thanks to Naomi Hall, The Ladyboss Collective!

#6- No for one reason

Photo Credit: Brian Johnson

As a business owner of multiple businesses, I opted not to hire a virtual assistant at this stage in my company’s life. My reasoning is that I hired a full-time assistant that crosses both businesses and is finalizing an advanced degree that will allow her to take on many more aspects of my business in the future. I chose to hire and develop. Despite my decision, I find the value of Virtual Assistants to be very easy to quantify. As a Business Coach and Consultant, I routinely advise many of my clients to pursue a Virtual Assistant when they reach a point in their business where that value really makes an impact. Often, I see business owners trying to stay in control of many aspects of their business, even when their business growth requires them to focus on running the business and not working for it. The transition can seem like a hurdle, but handing many of the functions of your business off to someone whose profession is to do these functions can become a huge enabler. Of all of the resources a business owner may have, their time is the only one they really can control. VA’s offer a solution to allow you to focus on what matters.

Thanks to Brian Johnson, MJ Strategic Group!

#7- Yes, to optimize productivity

Photo Credit: Julian Reeves

I currently have multiple virtual assistants, I use them to systemize the parts of the business that I can automate – and work when I can't. To give context, I run an Instagram growth software that helps businesses and  influencers organically grow their pages through automated engagement. When I go to sleep at night, my virtual assistants prospect hundreds of potential clients for me using techniques that I've trained them on. That way when I wake up, I can simply go into my spreadsheet and make calls and emails to people that I know will be interested in my software. For anybody not using virtual assistants, you're missing out on your business running for 24 hours a day and fully optimizing your productivity. I highly suggest using Upwork and Onlinejobsph to find highly capable assistants.

Thanks to Julian Reeves, Growth X!

Do you have a Virtual Assistant (VA) why or why not? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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