4 Types Of Content You Should Create To Rank Better In 2019

Content has always been and will always be one of the most important parts of digital marketing. After all, how can you hope to achieve anything if you have nothing to advertise? The key to better rankings is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. To do so, you’ll need to fill your website and social media accounts with quality content your users can relate to. In 2019, it’s all about originality, dedication, and thorough research. To guarantee success, your content will need to mirror these ideals.

Though content marketing may sound abstract and difficult because anything can be considered content, it’s actually not that hard to pull off. The safest way to guarantee your rankings through content marketing is to stick to the four types of content 2019 is crazy for.

1. Software

Though it may not seem like that’s the case, a mobile or web app is also a type of content. In the age of technology, you’d be a fool not to use this to your advantage. Web and mobile apps allow your users to interact with your brand and business on a whole other level. As well as that, it’s no longer just your website that shows up in the search query, suddenly it’s your app, too. The more paths there are to your brand, the higher you’re bound to rank.

Those who have the needed skills will find it fairly easy to create a simple yet useful or entertaining app for their users. Of course, you need to realize that this type of content is more expensive to create than other ones. If you don’t have the skills but still want the app, you can always talk to a firm or freelance professional who can take care of the creation process for you.

You’ll be happy to know that there are some free tools you can use online to minimize the costs of creating your own app. In some cases, you may end up paying for the basic version of the tool, too, but if you do your research, you can have both quality and frugality.

The types of apps that resonate best with users are the ones that solve the issues they may have. Think about what can be improved and made easier in your line of work. Having an app to take care of these issues is also bound to decrease the number of dissatisfied and confused users.

2. Infographics

Infographics are the testimony to the creativity and originality that you can have in digital marketing. They’ve been popular or sometime now, but are really reaching their peak in 2019. This is the perfect year to get in on the action, as infographics may not be so appealing in the future. After all, trends and need change when people get bored of a certain something. Just remember that blog posts used to be under 500 words in the period before 2006.

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One appeal of infographics is how often they’re shared. It’s much easier to share an infographic on all social platforms, as it contains all the valuable information in one convenient design. The colors, patterns, and design of the infographic also help retain user attention and interest. It’s simply no wonder that infographics are bound to be shared up to three times more than other types of content.

As well as that, it’s not uncommon for other sites to use your infographic to prove a point or share information. When that happens, they need to link you as a source. The more websites and bloggers link you and use your content, the better your rankings.

Simply put, you start being perceived as an expert. It’s not just you who’s saying how high quality you are anymore, it’s everyone else, too. Think of the message this sends to your users. Even if they stumble upon your infographic on another website, it’s you who they’ll look to for advice, as you’re the source of the valuable information and content they just stumbled across.

This method has worked extremely well for most big companies and high-ranked websites you see in Google’s search query today. It’s your turn to shine and show the world the amazing infographic you’ve come up with.

3. Resources

These types of posts resemble conventional blog posts the most. Still, they’re somewhat different. This is mainly because resources can take a lot of different forms, unlike blog posts. They’re mostly list posts and skyscraper list posts. The appeal in these kinds of posts is that the reader can find out everything and anything they need to know about a topic.

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As well as that, resources are extremely versatile. Regardless of what type of work you do, you can create a list about it. If you’re a food blogger, talk about all the ingredients every new cook should know how to use. Those writing about travel can talk about all the things that need to be done and experienced in a certain region, and so on.

Though resources may seem simple enough, they take a lot of time and dedication to create. The whole point is to be as thorough and informative as possible. Sadly, running a business doesn’t usually leave you time to create such content. This statement especially proves to be true especially when you take into consideration the typical length of these posts.

2019 demands high quality and thorough posts, though, so resources may be your only way to reach the higher rankings you’re hoping for. In first world countries like Australia and the US, it’s common practice to hire someone else to do the work for you. Whether we’re talking about SEO Sydney, Melbourne, or New York and Boston companies, you can be sure that your list posts will contain all the information the reader needs to read.

Having the same attitude as these two example countries will give you the upper hand you need. There’s nothing wrong with hiring external help which can be your bridge to success.

4. Original research

As it was mentioned in the beginning, originality is something to strive for in 2019. The best way to show your users how dedicated and original you are is to do your own research. Regardless of what field of work you’re in, there’s bound to be some sort of research that you can conduct.

People like to stay informed and are always looking for valuable and trustworthy information on a variety of topics. Using this natural human curiosity and appealing to it is your way to better rankings. In fact, experience has shown that research is shared far more than regular blog posts.

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To conduct your own research, you’ll need a lot of time and money. Making a commitment to this type of content, in the beginning, means sticking with it until the very end. This is why you’ll see mostly more established firms take a crack at conducting their own research- it simply requires a lot of resources. The end results are worth it, though.

As well as sharing your research all over the internet, users are bound to trust you more. After all, you’ll be providing them with quality and checked the information that you found out yourself. This is what an expert in their own field do, and thus how your users will perceive you. It’s always good to build authority as people tend to flock to those who radiate knowledge and confidence.

If you don’t have enough resources to conduct your own research, you can start smaller. There’s nothing wrong with conducting your own survey. In fact, there are plenty of programs online which can help you with creating your survey and organize your results neatly.

Whether you choose to embark on the journey of doing your own research or if you conduct a survey, your users are bound to be impressed.


Including these types of content into your website is bound to guarantee more visitors, and thus, better rankings. Another point of having quality content is to decrease your bounce rate. When your website is interesting, fun, and full of valuable information, the users are bound to stick around. If you keep up with the trends of 2019 and give people what they crave, this is bound to be a year of success and growth for you. We’re confident that the types of content listed above will help you get the rankings you’re striving for and much more.


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