Organic Search And SEO Strategies To Follow This Year And Beyond

This year, there are a few specific SEO trends that are noticed which will make it the year for more featured Search Engine Marketing. This is the perfect time and reason to reflect on these trends ad take up as well if you really want to improve your organic search and SEO results. You will be able to deliver the most relevant results to the users. These strategies are at par the Google requirements which as always continue to refine their enigmatic search algorithm.

Several SEO professionals across the globe have taken up these growing numbers of SEO trends and strategies. These are all much poised to be the future of SEO. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to be aware of these emerging SEO trends and incorporate them into your SEO strategies. This will help you in several ways such as:

  • To be more creative
  • To build an awesome business
  • To cater to Google's requirements
  • To ensure speed and security of your website
  • To be more mobile friendly and
  • To offer more usability.

As a result, you will have more users who will be more engaged and responsive providing you with an awesome opportunity to increase your business prospects.

The featured snippets

This year expect the featured results to get more featured. With the help of the featured snippets that has already been doing rounds, it is going to be more and more prevalent. According to research reports it is estimated that about 30% of all search results will show a featured snippet.

The featured snippet originally had only one format to display but now you can have multiple versions of it. These include:

  • Featured brands
  • Bullet-pointed lists and
  • Snippets with multiple images.

When you use these featured snippets, your site will be easily seen and liked on mobile provided you code your website in the right way so as to encourage Google to read it and consider your site for this spot.

You may note at this point that most of the sites that are pulled into the featured snippet typically feature within the top 5 ranks in the organic search results. Therefore, your first focus should be on getting into that position.


Once you secure your position in at the top of the first page you must now ensure that you achieve and hold “position 0.” In this attempt YMYL and EAT will help you a lot. This is the new update rolled out by Google to protect its users.

  • The Your Money or YM part of this update focuses on the scam websites that try to sell products that are not required or will not work and
  • The Your Life or YL side of the update mainly hits the health industry.

It makes a lot of sense to incorporate these updates in your SEO strategy. This will ensure that you make Google sure that your website is delivering quality in content and information. This will prevent any negative impact.

This approach will provide you with some significant benefits such as:

  • Your site will start gravitating toward those that have the highest number of searches
  • You will have a better ability to rank for proper search keywords to beat the competition you are up against
  • You will have an increased number of monthly searches
  • Your site will be one of the most popular on the web.

Therefore, when you compare your site with those that are currently ranking ask a few questions to yourself such as:

  • Do you see the page authorities and domain in your site just like those sites?
  • Do you see the number of linking root domains that each of these sites have in yours?

If not, rest assured that you will never reach anywhere close to them and even if you do, it will take months if not years. This means that your chance to push any one site out of the top three spots is very slim to none.

What will happen in such cases is that people will go straight to those long-tail keywords. This is because they will assume that the competition will be low just because the volume of searches will be much lower for your site.

Fortunately the YMYL and EAT update will help you to get rid of some of the biggest challenges and issues in this respect. All you have to do is ensure that:

  • You start reducing the number of average requests to less than the recommended 50 of Google
  • You make sure that the server sends over info when someone types your web address into their browser
  • The data shipped out is smaller to ensure faster sending of info by the server
  • Both the GZIP and GID Network helps you find out how best you can compress the info on the pages to diminish requests and
  • You “minify” the code of your site to reduce size.

You can use the WP Super Minify WordPress plugin for this. It will do it for you automatically by combining the style sheet data. You can click this to learn more about SeoMarketer and other plugins.

Content Delivery Networks

Using CDNs or Content Delivery Networks is another approach followed this year to ensure better SEO results faster and more easily. Since most of the websites today come with a lot of high resolution images to make it look better, it eventually makes the size bigger. This is a very useful way to make a site more effective.

A CDN is much like the Cloudflare. It will work in different stages such as:

  • First, it will take off images from your own servers
  • Then it will host them on the global network
  • Finally, it will deliver them to the users from the closest network point possible.

This process will reduce the loading times of your website dramatically thereby increasing its reach and liking by Google. You will make your SEO results even better if you combine your approach with the use of other useful tools like WP or that will help you to reduce the sizes of the images before to uploading.


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