5 Ways Your Social Media Content is Annoying Your Audience

The growth of social media has given room for growth for many brands with their online presence. But, on the other hand, many businesses have failed to grow because of the content they share online. Remember that people will always notice the slightest mistake you make with your content online.

Yes, social media offers a great platform for content consumption. With the billions of people who use social media, you can get your brand in front of many prospects who may be interested in your products.

But what you share on each of your social media accounts determine how fast you will gain the growth you intend for your business. Whether you want to get content engagement or to generate leads, you want to appeal to your followers and take a central position in the business industry.

People will consume more of your content if they regard you as an industry leader. And that can only come out through the content you are sharing. So, your content can be engaging and fun but lacks what it takes to give your brand authority.

In this post, you will learn five mistakes you do with your content. You should start to correct the situation immediately to generate conversions for your business.

Here are 5 of the ways that your social media content annoy your audience.

1. Your Content Has Grammatical Errors

We understand that nothing is ever perfect. But as a brand creating your image on social media, it is ideal to try and perfect in the areas you show weaknesses. Sometimes we tend to be in a rush in doing things and end up creating content with various grammatical problems. Your readers will not assume that it was a typo or the mistake of your assistant.

Grammatically incorrect sentences on your brand page show that you are not keen on what you are feeding your audience. It is the summary of saying that you are not serious with business, and people will gladly click away from your content.

Ensure that the person managing your social media accounts has exemplary writing skills. You can also hire a copywriter or content editor to work on your content before you publish it on social media.

2. You Are Cross-Posting

The audience on each social media platform consumes a unique content type. You should know where your audience is and what they like. But we all know that at one point (or habitually) we post content from one platform to the other. Automated cross-posting is a disaster for many businesses. Nobody wants to click two links before they can access your content!

But it is even worse when you copy and paste content on all your social media channels and pages without customizing it. People will notice it and regard you a lazy marketer who has no time to create content for promoting your brand. In short, you are careless with your business.

3. You Lack Visual Content

People on various social media platforms want content they can easily digest. Trying to explain a concept with lots of words loses the taste of your content. Create graphical content with flowcharts for easier consumption. You can as well use video learning content to deliver guided descriptions for consumers who prefer to try things out by themselves.

Some platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a live video feature where you go online and broadcast and engage with your audience. They will give you their feedback while you are still sharing your content to allow you to interact better.

4. You Are Misusing Hashtags

Yes, hashtags help brands grow their audience on social media. By using a few hashtags on posts you make on your brand channels, you can target the post to reach the relevant audience who are interested in your business industry.

Maybe someone told you that you can use trending hashtags to get noticed on social media. And you went ahead and hijacked some of the top hashtags and started populating them on your posts… Do you know what happens?

People will know that you were trying to rank your content, and they will notice how irrelevant you are. You will immediately make people hate your brand on the spot. And some will gladly report your posts as spam or offensive. Get many negative feedbacks on your posts and your business page will be suspended.

5. You Are Posting Too Much

How many posts do you make on your brand page? It is easy to think that posting more will draw the attention of your audience. But that is the wrong thought. Followers who see your posts too often will eagerly hit the “Unfollow” button to reduce the jam on their feeds.

Instead of spamming your business pages, do research on the best time of the day your audience is more likely to consume your content (a time your post can reach many people). Make valuable posts to engage your audience at such times. Ideally, you should post once per day on Facebook and twice or thrice on Instagram or Twitter.

Summing Up

When you hear content marketing and social media marketing as ways of promoting your brand, you need to think of quality. Only quality content can attract your audience to interact with your brand. And by quality, we mean you know your audience and what they like, and post for their needs, not trying to push your brand on them.


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