9 Content Strategies You Need For Your Business

A business can use all sorts of marketing tricks to promote its products or services, but content creation remains the single most impactful factor in this field. Studies prove this claim as digital content generates over three times as many leads as other marketing formats while costing 62% less.

This is the main reason why content marketing represents the key strategy for almost 90% of B2C companies. But how do you create amazing content? Do you know how to attract the audience and generate leads?

If you don’t know how to do it, keep reading our post as we are about to show you nine content strategies to make your business flourish.

1. Make a Plan

The basic rule of content marketing is to make a plan and determine exactly what you and your HR system need to do. Generally speaking, most companies focus on three segments here:

  • Audience: Who are you targeting? How your average customer thinks and behaves? 
  • Goals: You also need to identify business goals. Do you want to raise brand awareness, generate new leads, promote a new line of products, or drive conversions? The way you create content depends on your business goals.
  • KPIs: Key performance indicators (KPIs) represent a numerical expression of your objectives. You use them to measure results and determine whether your content works or not.


2. Define Marketing Budget

Although most people believe that content marketing is free, you can hardly stay active in the long run if you don’t invest in things like digital software, video production, and so on. Therefore, you need to define your marketing budget and plan your activities accordingly.

3. Make a Calendar of Activities

The next thing you need to do is schedule activities. Online followers strongly appreciate the consistency and you’ll have to indulge them by posting new content regularly. We recommend you to add at least one post on social media every day, while email newsletters and website announcements can follow a weekly rhythm. 

Try to divide activities into segments such as evergreen posts, holiday announcements, seasonal articles, and posts dedicated to new products or services. If you need help scheduling activities, make sure to use online tools like Google Calendar.   

4. Mix Content

Consistency is crucial if you want to build long-term fans, but you have to mix the content and make it versatile. This means you need to combine different formats – visual, textual, audio, and video. You should also combine different copywriting techniques and mix humor, facts, curiosity, etc.

It takes a lot of work to keep mixing things week after week, but at least the audience will not consider your business boring and irrelevant. 

5. Choose the Right Channels

Content distribution is yet another aspect of digital marketing that you need to analyze and prepare for. It mostly depends on the needs of your audience, but the majority of businesses choose the following channels:

  • A website: This one doesn’t require explaining because websites are digital IDs of every company.
  • Social media: Pick two or three platforms that align with the interests of your target consumers.
  • Email: Although being the oldest content distribution channel, email is still a dominant force in the online universe. 

You can think about using other channels as well, but the ones we just mentioned are mandatory.

6. Be Unique

Do you know what separates the best paper writing services from their less successful competitors? It is their ability to develop a unique style of writing. The same goes for content creators because they have to be different in order to stand out from their rivals. You must try to develop your own style of writing that will make you special and interesting. It won’t only help you to strengthen fan loyalty but it will also make your content easily recognizable.

7. Keep an Eye on Competitors

Although you want to be different than others, you can’t do it unless you keep an eye on competitors. Try to follow their blog posts, social media announcements, email newsletters, and all other types of content you can find online.

Of course, you don’t do it because you want to plagiarize their work. On the contrary, the main goal is to identify their virtues and weaknesses because it will help you to enhance your content and capitalize on the comparative advantages of your business.

8. Editing and Proofreading

A serious marketer will never publish anything without proofreading. You can do it by yourself, use online tools, or hire someone to do it on your behalf. If you really don’t enjoy editing posts, we recommend you the following services:

  • Grammarly: Grammarly is the most popular proofreading app worldwide.
  • Hemingway: It’s a tool that proofreads the text and suggests style-related corrections.

9. Analyze Performance

The last advice is to analyze the performance of your content marketing based on the KPIs you determined before starting. It would be perfect to fulfill every objective as planned, but KPIs can also show you that something is not functioning and that you need to keep improving.



Content creation is a powerful marketing weapon, but it can backfire if you don’t use it cleverly and strategically. There are all sorts of content marketing tactics you can test, but we showed you nine mechanisms that proved to be the best for the vast majority of companies.

Have you ever used any of these strategies? Do you know other high-quality content creation tips? Feel free to share your ideas, comments, and suggestions – we would love to see your opinion about it! 


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