This is How You Can Get More Customer Calls From Your Website

Nothing could be more exciting for a business than continuously-ringing business phone(s). It shows that customers are showing interest and business is getting increased leads. However, achieving this doesn’t seem so easy. In a world where customers have ample options to choose from, a business struggles very hard to keep up with the continuous lead generation process.

Earlier, businesses used to rely on print media, TV ads, and telemarketing to generate leads. With the advent of technology, just like everything, this process has also changed. While half of the customers are sitting in their homes and searching for businesses around them using available digital aids, a business website might act as a potential source for generating leads. As per the statistics, around 35% of product/service searches start on Google only.

This shows the power of online business search. And, that is why the businesses have started using a precisely designed business website to get hold of more leads.

A website is like a diligent representative of your business. With everything about your business readily available, business websites help consumers to know about your business in a detailed manner. If you want to increase the customer queries calls using the website then here is what you should do.


Offer click-to-call facility

Most of the people are searching for businesses, products and services through a mobile phone. So, why don’t you offer the click-to-call facility on your website?

Click-to-call is a business phone number service that allows the website visitor to call directly to the business without dialing the phone number. Customers only click on the phone number provided on the website and the phone dialer captures the phone number and can make a call. This way you eliminate the process of dialing phone number manually for your customers and they don’t mind to give a call. It encourages the customers to take place the business inquiry as soon as they notice a business.

It is a well-known fact that the sooner a customer makes contact with the business the more likely he is going to buy the service/product. In short, with click-to-call, you can hit two birds with one stone. So, don’t wait anymore. Get an online phone number, integrate it with your website, and start enjoying double benefits.


The toll-free number is a blessing in disguise

Consider a scenario where you have two service providers of the same product in front of you. As per the website description, both seem quite similar to each other. You want to inquire about the costing and other related stuff to make the final choice. Now, one has a regular business phone number and others use the toll-free phone number.


Which one would you pick?

Of course, the latter one! Won’t you?

The toll-free number is a type of business phone number that doesn’t exert any call incurring burden on the caller. Calling this type of number is free for the customers. So, a customer doesn’t think twice to reach out to a business that uses it.

The power of toll-free number can be understood by the fact that a product ad featuring toll-free number has generated 30% more revenue than the ad which didn’t use it. Not only this, it is an ideal way to improve brand image, customer loyalty, and market recognition. So, start using it for your business right now and enjoy high customer calls.


Develop a CTA strategy

CTA or Call-to-Action is one marketing strategy that helps a business to generate a sense of urgency and encourage callers to make a business call as soon as they come to know about your business. In case of business websites, quotes like call us now, subscribe now, want to know more, and many more are some of the ways that can encourage your website visitors to make an early call.

Make your CTA buttons and links visible enough to get attention on your landing pages. By not having a clear and visible CTA, you are losing customers by all means. You can also highlight the CTA to make it more visible out of all other content available on the website.


Integrate social media pages with your website

The social media platform has emerged as a potential revenue generation way. 84% of customers purchase after knowing about a business through electronic media. Pages like Facebook and Instagram are helping businesses to reach out to the customers easily.

If you also want to make most of e-media then it is wise to integrate your social media pages with the website so that if a customer notices you on any of the e-media platforms, they can be directly routed to your business website. Don’t forget to add the online phone number on both.


As we wrap-up…

Every business wants to get hold of a great customer base. By using a business phone number service with your website, you can let your customers reach out to you. So, don’t wait anymore and start using it.


Guest post courtesy of Jyoti Saini, the Sr. Digital Marketing Executive at CallHippo

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