4 Ways Your Company Can Show That They Care for the Community

Companies of all sizes do better when they can integrate themselves into the community surrounding them. To do this properly, you need to give back every once in a while to the community that keeps you in business. The following are four good ways to show you care about the community that sustains you.

Participate in Community Events

Participating in local events, such as runs for charity, art fairs and more has two major benefits. The first is that your business is engaging with the community and the second is that doing so is an excellent marketing opportunity for your business. In addition to just participating, companies can choose to sponsor or even create their own events. Being involved in these events that help people in the community clearly shows that you care.

Make Donations

Monetary donations to community organizations, such as food pantries, organizations that provide medical assistance, education providers, and more are always appreciated. In addition to just donating, you can also hold donation matching events, where your company matches any donations made from the local community to your cause. There are plenty of corporate donation opportunities out there to consider, so simply pick one that you wish to support.

Have Employees Volunteer

You can have a day where employees go out and volunteer rather than coming in for work. This has the added benefit of being a good team-building exercise, though you could also give them several options to allow for more flexibility. In addition, service-based businesses can offer pro bono work occasionally. For example, law firms could provide free legal services to those who can’t afford them or a landscaping company might volunteer to update the landscaping around a community center.

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Offer Your Space

Your business can also offer its space for meetings of various local organizations, charity events and more. Getting a space for free will save non-profits money, allowing them to use that money for other purposes. Many groups struggle to find a place where they can meet, so this is a very nice thing to offer. Bringing people into your space also increases your business’ visibility.

Community outreach is important for every organization to participate in to some extent. Not only will you be giving back to the community that supports you, but it is an effective method for growing your business in the process. Start looking for ways in which you can get involved.


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