How to Grow Your Business with Search Engine Optimisation

 In today’s age where most consumers do business online, search engine optimisation (SEO) has become more important than ever. For entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business, SEO is another tool that should be in their arsenal. The majority of digital marketing revolves around SEO and it’s what drives organic traffic to your website. In a nutshell, SEO works by sending signals to search engines like Google to display the best pages on their SERPs (search engine results page). The higher your webpage appears on the SERPs the more traffic and potential revenue you will generate.

Many business owners like Perth's leading digital marketing agency utilise SEO to increase their brand awareness, boost their search rankings, and reach their target audience in an organic manner. Today we’ll be taking a look at how search engine optimisation can help take your business to the next level.

How SEO impacts businesses

 There are certain challenges that come with owning a business. If you own a startup, hitting the ground running is already a challenge in itself. Things become more difficult once you dive into the digital world. You’re not only competing with other companies, but you’ll also face hundreds of thousands of websites who aim to do better than you. If you can’t separate yourself from the rest of the competition, then you’ll have a hard time finding success with your business.

This is where search engine optimisation comes in. In essence, SEO helps boost your website visits through organic traffic like Google or Yahoo search. Here’s how it works:

  • When a user searches for a specific product/service, they enter a keyword on a search engine. The search engine displays results and most of the time, they click on the first or second web page that appears.
  • The goal of SEO is to position your web page on top of the search engine results page (SERPs) and attract visits to potential customers.
  • SEO helps enhance the performance of your website and improve your content, thus enhancing user experience in the process as well.
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A good SEO strategy is crucial to establishing an online presence for your business. Many people rely on search engines to find out exactly what they’re looking for and implementing SEO can help people discover your business much easier. Increasing your brand visibility is one step towards growing your business and you can achieve that with proper search engine optimisation.


How SEO can help with the growth of your business

 SEO brings plenty of advantages for both startups and large enterprises. Here are some of the benefits associated with using search engine optimisation:

It improves your conversion rate

 In digital marketing, conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors that turn into customers. With SEO, you’re providing quality content that engages the user and encourages them to purchase your products/services. The more time people spend on your website, the lower your bounce rate will be. This means they are less likely to leave your website and your chances of converting them from visitor to customer will be much higher.

The “word of mouth” impact

 Back when the internet was still in its infancy, businesses relied on word of mouth to spread brand awareness. When customers like a particular product, they rave about it to their friends and family. From there the message keeps spreading and spreading until the company’s product gets discovered. Today, the “word of mouth” impact can spread like wildfire now that social media is a dominant force in the lives of consumers.

SEO does the same thing as it basically boosts your presence online and through social media where people can easily find out about your business. And once they like your product/service, it can turn into a snowball effect where customers will start recommending you to other people.

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Boosts your brand recognition

This is what SEO is all about. With search engine optimization, you’re able to put your business out there to millions of people who can access it instantly. A website that’s SEO-friendly with SEO-optimised content is more likely to be favored by Google’s algorithm and will land you on top of search engine results. The more people who visit your website, the more you’ll be able to increase brand awareness.

People will know that your company exists and if your products/services are able to meet their expectations, you can build your reputation as a reliable company that solves their wants, needs, and problems.

Using SEO to your advantage

 There’s no denying that the consumer experience is driven by technology. You have to go where the people are at. It’s through SEO that you'll be able to build a credible website with quality content that not only enhances customer experience, but also boost your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness. By implementing SEO, you’ll be able to propel your business with new heights and reach your target audience with much more efficiency.


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