Business Owner’s Ultimate Guide: 5 Essential Items that Every Business Owner Should Have When Traveling

Business trips are important, especially for business that is at the first stage of operation. Through business trips, personal interactions are fostered among investors and potential clients, thus increasing communication and empathy and decreasing the miscommunication.

Smart business owners who do business trips, whether frequently or once-in-a-while, should prepare and be wise for the unexpected things that may happen while traveling. Here are 5 essential items that every business owner should include in his or her travel packing list:

1. Handy Gadgets

Handy gadgets are a must-have for any business trips. These portable devices will fit your pockets or pouches.

     Mobile Phones

Your mobile phone allows you to communicate with your family anytime you want to. It is also a convenient way to reach your client or investor for confirmation and follow-up before and after the meeting.

     Tablet or Laptop

A Tablet or Laptop is a must-have if your travel is for business purposes. You can use these gadgets as a pen and notebook and for opening necessary files.


Accessories, like earphones, portable charger, power bank, extra battery, and flash drives for additional storage, are a must-have item, too. You will need them on your business trips.


2. Changing Clothes

Clothes are an essential item in your packing list if you are traveling to other countries for a business trip. According to the experts, picking the right clothes will give you several sets of clothes enough for formal and casual meetings.


Clothes in three coordinating colors are the most common pick for business travelers. You can easily mix and match the pieces of clothes without looking too boring or unfashionable. If you are a business owner and you know that more business trips are scheduled ahead for the next months and years, it is best to invest in clothes that do not get wrinkled easily.


Comfortable shoes, sandals, and slippers should be in your luggage. If you have plans of doing personal activities, as well, as you do business trips, you may want to include a pair of sneakers, too.


A few accessories make the outfit pleasing and satisfying. They can change your entire outfit in a stylish appeal. A pair or two of socks for men, makeup for women and some jewelry could be enough for the trip.


3. Easy-Carry Bag

An easy-carry bag, whether in shoulder bag style or backpack style, is an essential item to be included in your list. It will allow you to carry important personal things and documents.

     Small Pouch

A small pouch is ideal to bring to a meeting or evening event, instead of a large bag. It can carry your wallet, coin purse, small makeup kit, some IDs, keys, and mobile phone.

     Wheeled Briefcase

If you need to bring the laptop to the meeting, it is best to use a wheeled briefcase. It is an ideal easy-carry bag equipped with RFID blocking material. It has an RFID or a “radio-frequency identification” block that prevents electromagnetic waves from scanning credit cards and important documents.

     RFID Protected Wallet

With hundreds of recorded financial crimes and identity theft, plus the thousands of unrecorded similar crimes, it is smart for a business owner to use RFID wallets. The RFID blocking material prevents any scanning device to scan the information or details on credit cards and identification cards.


4. Emergency Kit

Every business owner who travels needs to have a small emergency kit inside the traveling bag. It is not smart to just rely on the airplane’s supply, in case of emergency, or to ask the hotel for a tablet or two for a headache. Bringing your kit allows you to do immediate action when needed.


If you are taking the medication by prescription, it is best to always carry with you the prescription issued by your doctor. For headache, muscle pain, and antacids, you may have a few tablets in your kit. Don’t forget your vitamins and sleep aids. If you are a frequent traveler, it is ideal to replenish the supplies as you use them on every trip so that you always have the medicine you need whenever you are out of the country.

     Face Mask

Face masks are one of the essential items, nowadays, in the new normal world. Everyone is required to wear one for protection against virus infection.

     Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer, alcohol, and disinfectant wipes are essential items, too. You can buy them anywhere, but it is safe to have enough of this item in your bag for personal use and protection.


5. Snacks

They offer snacks on your flight, but it is smart for a traveling businessman to always bring food and water.


Biscuits will save you from a missed meal if your meeting was scheduled right after you arrive at the airport.


You can carry a BPA-free refillable bottle for your water. You need to stay hydrated, especially if your business trip was fully-booked.



Planning and preparing for the things you need to bring when traveling make your trip more convenient and less stressful. The right items will serve you better if they are multifunctional, too. If you have these essential items in your bag, any business trip will be pleasurable and convenient for you.


Author Bio:

Mariam Simmons is a trendsetter at Alpine Swiss and business fashion enthusiast with a love for writing. She loves traveling to the world’s top stylish destinations and gets inspired to create helpful business fashion and lifestyle guides.

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