16 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips for any Small Business

Worried about how to lure in numerous clients for your company with a limited budget? Leverage the superiority of social media to promote your company successfully. Facebook is an enormous marketing platform that's widely used for social media marketing these days. The application has around 2.4 billion monthly active users, according to TechCrunch reports.

Amongst these users, 93% of skilled digital marketers use Facebook, along with 3 million businesses and startups. A well-devised marketing strategy is the only way for your business to reach the existing audience who're currently in search of your products and services.

16 effective tips for marketing your business on Facebook

Optimizing your business page

Make necessary changes to your display picture, call to action buttons and the sidebar tabs according to your business category. Further include the physical location of your business for brand awareness.

Create your FB username

Utilize your brand name here or your company's name and acquire a vanity URL. Include trending keywords on your page as well. The above techniques will promote SEO and increase your business searches on Google. Your business will appear professional this way.

Optimizing your gallery

Utilize high-definition images to display your business authenticity, personality and promote your logo. Please make use of compressing tools to reduce your image size before posting them. This way, images will process instantly on your FB page.

Select appropriate CTA buttons

CTA buttons are an essential part of any business page. Try out different ones and utilize them according to your audience's convenience. Ensure that they're linked to your website's landing page and synced with the conversion plans. To make use of the CTAs effectively, keep in mind what FB users mostly click on.

Utilize custom Facebook tabs

The sidebar tabs that are present on Facebook profiles can be customized. Customize them according to your business motive and provide answers to user questions. Leverage these tabs to drive more traffic by optimizing tables, etc.

Follow the '70-20-10′ rule

Creating content that speaks to its readers is an art. Make use of trending formats and include relevant links in your matter. Post original content 70% of the time and content following your customer’s interest 20% of the time. Self-promotional content can be uploaded in the remaining time. Assure that your content catches the viewer’s eye and serves a purpose.

Upload appropriate videos

Videos tend to boosts the user-engagement. Facebook gives analytics on video-viewer data which can be of great use to a business page. The uploaded videos may pop up in the followers feed. Make sure you include captions in your videos to grab viewer attention. Business owners can also utilize Facebook Live for broadcasting videos from their smartphones.

Master the art of posting

Facebook news feeds are generally in a mess which is why you should format your posts appropriately so that they can stand out. Omit any source links and emphasize images and headline to grab viewer attention. Make use of the Boost Post option available by Facebook to expand your business across a broader audience. The Power Editor Tool that's offered by Facebook can further be utilized for promoting posts. Better your online presence by scheduling status updates.

Share user-generated content

Enabling users to share images and repost your posts will promote brand loyalty instantly. Customers love receiving recognition by heir favourite brands. Business owners can upload stories highlighting customers satisfied with their products to their page status. Providing users with an opportunity to be a part of your business page will create a firm bond between them and your brand. Furthermore, you can create a community page to engage more people.

Target an appropriate audience

Alter your Facebook advertisements in a specific manner to reach your target customers. It's pointless if your content is appearing on the feed of users who aren't interested in your business. Make use of Pixel strategy and optimize it to acquire correct visitor data. Save your potential customer's data through ‘saved audiences' and make buyer personas to maximize the impact.

Analyze user behavior

Study information on your core audience through Facebook's Audience Insights and post content accordingly. This tool will provide you with demographic overviews, job descriptions and the education levels of your target audience.

Assess your content posting skills

Gather information regarding your followers and their active statuses. Analyze when most of them are online and schedule your content-post accordingly. This can be mastered by uploading posts at random hours and measuring your followers' interest.

Analyze your content

Posting topnotch content is not the only important thing. You can only analyze your content properly by measuring user metrics for locating engagement trends. Facebook's Internal Analytics tool that's available on the Admin panel will provide you with a snapshot of your page's last week performance.

Promoting your page outside Facebook

Promote your business page on other social media platforms by interlinking it in posts or talking about it. Furthermore, you can include the page's URL on your Instagram and Twitter bio. Encourage people to check out your page, follow it and repost it on their profiles as well.

Employ Facebook Ads

Tailor an effective pay-per-click strategy to generate more revenue and boost your site visitors. Combining PPC ads with an organic social posting will greatly influence users. Employ tools like Product Catalog Ads and Geo-targeting to increase your sales reduce ad-fatigue.

Acquire knowledge from influencers

Search for influencers on several social media platforms who're interested in working with you. You can achieve this by inputting relevant keywords in your FB search tab. These keywords should be directly related to your business niche.

An overview of the matter

Facebook can be used as a premium marketing tool if you know how to steer its features to your advantage. Optimize your business's presence on the platform to lure in potential customers. One can also make use of several Facebook Marketing templates to ease their marketing process.


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