10 Best Webinar Topics for Hosting a Successful Webinar

During the peak of webinars, what can you still talk about?

Webinars are a concept that is not unheard of. They are convenient, efficient and less tedious compared to your conventional seminars. Now, webinars have become a part of our new normal. If conferences before allowed us to gather with other people, we now socialize with other people using our screens.  Livestorm has reported that in 2019, the average webinar attendance grew by 50%.

So, you are interested in hosting a webinar. Choosing your topic is one of the most crucial decisions to make. It will be the first thing to catch the attention of your target audience, and it also has to help you from keeping your audience from getting bored. The topic needs to be unique and relatable. To do these, establishing the reason why you want to host will be a good start. Usually, people create webinars to talk about their business. Hall (2019) emphasized the importance of webinars’ ability to give a visual presentation to customers, making webinar marketing an asset to businesses.

At the moment, to host a webinar is not only the safest but also the most suitable and ideal way of introducing yourself and your business to the world. We did the research for you. The following are the best webinar topics to use for your webinar:

1. Advertise your product or service

By launching webinars, the host creates a direct connection between the business and its customers. 60% of webinars today are actually created to recruit loyal customers. 99 Firms also classify webinars as a means of “free” promotion, with 58% of marketers utilizing this. If you have a brand or a product to advertise, or you want others to know more about how they should advertise their products, don’t hesitate to use a webinar.

2. Teach the hows of online marketing

As everything is advertised online nowadays, it’s important for people to know how to market their brands through email marketing and social media marketing. Business owners are eager to know more about how they can promote their business and engage with their customers. This is the webinar topic that will get you across all kinds of businesses. You can first discuss how email marketing helps businesses and how social media marketing promotes businesses. Just differentiating the two is a webinar on its own. Exploring their potentials and benefits will be a driven conversation.

3. Discuss business management and sales

People are either applying for a job or creating jobs. So whether it’s how to start, how to manage, or how to expand, educating people about business is timeless. There’s always someone out there who wants to know more regarding entrepreneurship. From pharmaceutical industries with a 63% webinar participation rate to the advertising enterprises with 33% participation rate, webinars about business management are welcome in all industries. Business and sales will be a very inclusive topic that everyone can learn something from, and there’s always a person out there that’s only one little encouragement (or one webinar) away from starting their own business.

4. Promote a lifestyle or the concept of a lifestyle business

Lifestyle will be a holistic, encompassing topic since it covers every area in a person’s life, and because there is a motivation for progress. There is an endless list of the kinds of lifestyles to talk about with your audience. Every lifestyle is also rooted in culture, and talking about lifestyles can make you connected to different groups of people. Lifestyle business can also be an interesting topic, since it generates profit from a lifestyle, creating a balance between work and passion.

5. Educate participants about financing

According to The 2017 Big Book of Webinar Stats, financial services produces 12% of all webinars, making it number two after technology. It is still considered as one of the most popular webinar topics up to this year, and this reflects a huge demand for webinars that discuss financing.

6. Talk about the latest trends in technology

As the top webinar producing industry, it is not so difficult to figure out why technology is at the top of this list. First, technology supports webinars. Second, there is always something new in technology. It will not be difficult to find active participants from all ages to attend a webinar that discusses the latest from Microsoft to Google to Apple.

7. Give career advice or advise career planning

Last June, Marketwatch reported that 10 million people in the United States alone lost their jobs last April because of the pandemic. This means a lot of people are applying for jobs. The influx of people makes the hiring competition more difficult for everyone. Help people secure their jobs by hosting a webinar about being an outstanding applicant and employee. There’s a big population of people wanting to learn more on how to do well in their job application and career planning.

8. Exchange views on education/university choice

Webinars are helpful in the university and career selection process of students. Since the pandemic restricts traveling, hosting a webinar about universities and courses made colleges more accessible to students around the globe. In 2015, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) stated that webinars allow a conversation between the speaker and the attendee and other people to ask questions you may not have thought of. Universities can also make use of webinars to reach more learners when they start to hold online classes.

9. Showcase the potential arts and design

A set of skills that can be used everywhere, talking about arts and design in digital space will encourage you and your participants to explore your creativity. Aside from that, knowing how to navigate using programs like Adobe Photoshop pay generously nowadays as digital art has gained its popularity and people are buying it from $200-$5,000.

10. Talk about the importance of healthcare

Earlier, we have mentioned that according to Livestorm, the pharmaceutical industry has the highest rate for webinar participation. Also, The 2017 Big Book of Webinar Stats reported that the healthcare field produces 18 webinars a year.  Right now, everyone is curious what company will have the first medicine or vaccine for COVID-19. If you work for the health industry, take advantage of this data by creating a webinar where not only health experts can learn, but also those who are non-professionals.

We have provided a list of topics you can talk about, and we’re glad to help you out in this important decision. But if you would like to choose a topic of your own, consider listing the topics you’re confident to be knowledgeable about, choosing timely and relevant topic/s, and aligning it with your audience so you know what your approach will be. A successful webinar starts with a good topic, so choose yours wisely.


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