6 Ideas for Instagram Stories to Bring Your Brand to Life

Building a brand isn’t easy. It takes a lot of thinking and designing to make sure that products are top-notch quality and that they are paired with fantastic services.

Nowadays, a significant part of the brand is its social presence. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and many other platforms help companies stay connected with their customers.

Moreover, a good website and properly managed socials attract more clients because they have access to more content and services.

But, how do you come up with exceptional ideas to surprise your viewers?

Specifically, on Instagram, how do you excite your followers with fresh content?

In this article, we’ll suggest six Instagram Stories ideas to help your business break monotony.

 1.  Play With New Colors And Fonts

The easiest way to spice your content up is to play with colors and fonts.

For example, suppose you work for a freelance company, write my essay site, or agency that helps students with schoolwork. You can incorporate book emojis and stickers with a light blue font, which conveys trust and serenity.

Depending on what message you wish to send to your viewers, choose a color that can flatter your content.

Also, when you’re picking a font, try to pick a readable style and don’t write too much. This way, your followers can read all the info easily, and you won’t bore them with a lot of words.

If you have a lot of news to communicate to your customers, always prefer many stories over long descriptions.

People want to be guided through the story. They don’t want to spend time on one, squinting their eyes to read because your paragraph barely fits on the story page.

However, you can try to experiment with new fonts and accessories. Just make sure they match your main content.

 2.  Show Your Followers Exclusive Content

If you wish to attract more customers or surprise the ones you who follow your brand, try showing them exclusive content.

Of course, making the most vital content fo your brand visible on all platforms is quintessential. Nevertheless, you might want to keep some exclusive pictures and videos for each account.

So, when it comes to Instagram Stories, you can try to add behind the scenes footage or giveaway contests.

This way, your customers will follow you on all social media accounts, and they might encourage friends to do it too if you’re organizing giveaways.

You can also do Q&A sessions to show your clients more about your brand.

Thus, if you incorporate exclusive elements in your stories, you might connect better with your audience. They’ll feel like you’re reaching out as far as possible to share more of your company.

Remember to focus on authenticity because people want to relate to your brand. They want to know that real people work to provide the best products and services.

 3. Try To Be Consistent

Part of the reason why you might have turned to this article is your Instagram’s inactivity.

Social media management can be extremely challenging. Nonetheless, consistency is key for successful branding.

Therefore, you should try to schedule posts and remain consistent on all platforms, even more on Instagram, which is a daily commitment.

This way, you show your followers that you are active and connected to the virtual world. You don’t want to be forgotten by your clients.

Instead, you want to be the first brand that pops up in their heads when someone mentions the services you provide.

For example, if someone asks you about the first drink that comes to your mind, you may answer Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or Fanta.

So, try to post regularly.

Lastly, try to keep a standard style for your brand. Color, font, filter, and effects should be all tied together to create the style of your company. If your brand is consistent with that, your viewers will recognize your brand quickly, which is an excellent thing.

 4.  Instagram Stories Are Meant For Storytelling

People love to hear stories. That’s why Instagram Stories were invented in the first place.

So, try to keep your followers interested by adding multiple layers to your stories.

The first page can be a presentation, the second a picture, the third a video, and the last one a simple Q&A section.

The sooner you become a good storyteller, the better for your brand.

Moreover, if you pair a well-structured story with a chic style, your audience will be entertained and amazed by your work. Also, they’ll feel like you’re really dedicated to establishing a connection with your customers.

 5. Collaborate

Another great way to bring your brand back to life is through collaborations. Especially if you have been away for a long time, an iconic comeback involves an amazing partnership with other brands.

This way, your viewers will think that you were away because of your collaboration, not because you forgot to post. Moreover, they’ll feel excited to see your content again.

Collaborations are great for all business, however. Partnering brings your collaborator’s followers to your page and vice versa.

You can partner up with influencers, celebrities, and complimentary brands. Just make sure they have a good reputation. Otherwise, they might damage yours.

 6.  Convey A Message

Last but not least, convey a message.

Storytelling and collaborating are important. Still, having a good message that expresses the values you stand for as a brand is what ties everything together.

Before you put your Instagram Stories together, find out your objective.

Is it encouraging people to buy your new product because self-care is important?

Is it offering people a service that could ease their life?

Once you find it, you can build up a good story.


If you wish to bring your company back to life with Instagram Stories, remember these six tips:

  1. Play with new colors and fonts.
  2. Show your followers exclusive content.
  3. Try to be consistent.
  4. Instagram stories are meant for storytelling.
  5. Collaborate
  6. Convey a message.


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