6 Key Growth Hacks for Small Businesses

Every businessman's dream is to grow his business whether it is small or big. Starting a business and sustaining its growth is not an easy thing to do. However, it can be made easy if you work smart and create effective growth strategies. Along with well-crafted marketing strategies, certain tips and tricks can help you to boost your sales. Small businesses need to understand the fact that growth hacks that are suitable for each target market are different. You need to differentiate between different marketing and development techniques that can work well for your products and target market. With proper research and planning, you can enhance the customer base while keeping the operating cost at a minimal level. 

Let’s have a look at some key growth hacks that will help you attain a competitive advantage. 

Devise a Strategic Plan

For the growth of your small enterprise, you need to make a well-structured strategic plan that resonates with your objective of growth. You cannot target the market well if you haven't devised a growth plan. Your strategic plan when devised should be triggered down to your employees from the higher hierarchy to the lower one. So that all the management and employees can work together towards the common objective of attaining growth.

Create Your Online Presence

To reach customers before your competitors, you need to create your online presence. Small businesses often make this mistake; they avoid online existence, and if they go for an online existence, they don't maintain it. 

You need to have a professional website for a strong presence in the digital world. Due to digitalization, many customers search for products and services online. Your online presence will help engage your audience and convert browsers to customers. 

Market Your Content on Website

Content marketing is the cheapest method of marketing. Small businesses should take advantage of this effective form of marketing. According to the HubSpot report, 70% of marketing departments of companies spend money on content marketing to attract and engage customers towards their products and services. 51% of the companies are of the view that old content can also be used to get desirable results. Articles and blogs are a very effective way to communicate with the target audience and to register your products in the minds of potential customers. It develops a sense of accountability in business and inculcates trust among customers. From the technical point of view, articles and blogs enhance web traffic on your site, increase SEO ranking and customer base.

Use Social Media to Retarget

Selecting the product from the website and adding it to the cart is a long process. During this lengthy process, you can attract customers by advertising ads about your other products and services on Google and Facebook. Social media and social sharing are excellent sources for increasing sales. When customers come across your attractive ads on other websites, they keep your products and services in mind when they shop again.

Go for Automation

To make your small business productive, you need to go for automation. Automation helps in the systematic working of your time-consuming tasks. Before going for automation, you need to define your business requirements. You can use different software for automating your small business operations. Marketing automation software helps in doing all the tasks systematically, increases brand awareness, and generates more deals. They also help in web forms, email marketing, landing page creation, and lead generation. Some software can accommodate all the functions like business processes, marketing, and sales in one domain. 

Take Feedback

Your business can grow if you keep on taking customers' feedback. By taking the feedback of your customers, you can check how you can make your products and services better and where you need improvement. Improving your products and services according to the preferences of the customer will take your small business to the next level. You can integrate your website with pop-ups and can send emails to the customers that are giving high revenue to your business.

Wrapping Up

Your small business will grow if you provide a pleasant customer experience. For rapid growth, you need to make a strategy and integrate social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest with it. It will tremendously increase your brand awareness. In addition to it, you can organize webinars and position your product strategically. 

Keep these points in mind, devise a plan, and keep updating your marketing strategies as per the latest trends.


Guest post courtesy of  Camila Adey

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