Achieving Customer Loyalty through SMS Marketing

In this digital world, it's getting harder to capture the attention of and connect with customers. But thanks to SMS, and it being a personal channel, it has become a lot easier for brands to keep in touch and interact with their customers. Customers aren't required to download an app or connect to the internet to send and receive messages, making it highly convenient.

Some businesses are iffy about using SMS as a channel to spread their brand message and marketing materials, but this doesn't have to be the case. About 75% of consumers are comfortable receiving text messages from brands, as long as they opt to receive the messages.

Since it's a personal, immediate, and direct channel, SMS marketing is an excellent way to maintain and improve customer loyalty and keep customers engaged. Here are a few strategies you can explore to help you get started on it.

Personalized messages for loyal customers

Gather as much information as you can about your customers to create more personalized messages—if you have a membership program, even better. You can send out personalized welcome messages to new members, offer exclusive deals to loyal customers, and provide rewards to those who consistently support your business. This will show how much you value your customers and their trust in your brand.

Offer exclusive offers to your loyal customers

You can use SMS marketing to roll out exclusive promos, discounts, and offers for loyal customers who signed up for your SMS list. You can send exclusive invitations to events through SMS, as well. For instance, you can utilize SMS marketing if you have a buy one, get one promo, or a new product offer at a special price for the first 100 customers who received the announcement via text.

Send order confirmations and delivery updates directly to customer's phones

If your business offers products for order and delivery, you can conveniently use SMS to update customers on the status of their items. Not a lot of people check their emails, and sometimes, important emails get lost in the inbox. Notifying them of order status and delivery via SMS is a way to connect with them and build trust, so they'll know when to expect it.

Use SMS for “Thank You” messages, coupon codes, and special offers

Showing customers your appreciation for them doesn't have to be about sales, discounts, and promotions. A simple thank-you message through SMS marketing after every purchase is a great way to demonstrate how much you value their patronage.

You can also give birthday month discounts to your customers or monthly special offers that can only be redeemed through a keyword or shortcode. The moment a customer opts in to your SMS marketing, you know that they trust your brand since it's personal data.

Summing it up

SMS marketing is an underutilized marketing strategy. When you recognize its value and realize how great a tool it is for engaging with customers in an immediate, easy, convenient, and personalized way, you'll see a whole roster of opportunities to grow your business and satisfy customer needs and expectations.


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