Becoming Productive: Finding Your Balance

Our world is full of constant distractions that prevent us from focusing on daily tasks. From the internet to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is an abundance of things that may impact your productivity levels. Being unmotivated, or going without proper organization, can also cause us to struggle with our overall productivity. Despite all the interferences, there are ways to work around them. Productivity can be achieved no matter the circumstance because it’s all about finding your balance, and what actually works best for you. 

What Distracts You?

We all have certain things that distract us. It may be our phone or a bad habit that draws our attention away from the task at hand.

Identifying those distractions is important if you want to overcome them.

1. Identifying

First, reflect on anything that distracts you throughout the day and write those distractions down. This will help you avoid falling victim to those things, because you will be more aware and cautious. After identifying your daily distractions, brainstorm ways that you can avoid the distractions

2. Avoiding

Do you spend too much time allowing distractions to eat up your time? Since you know what these distractions are, find ways to avoid them. For example, if you scroll on your phone instead of studying or working, set a time lock on your phone. There are several apps out there that can set times where you can’t use your phone. This can guide you to instead complete your task because using your phone is no longer an option. Breaking bad habits can also help you to avoid distractions. Stop wasting time on meaningless activities like mindlessly watching TV. Honestly, avoiding distractions is challenging, but it makes a huge impact.

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3. Overcoming Distractions

Now that you know how to identify and avoid distractions, you can work on overcoming them. Slowly implement tips in order to progress overtime, and you will hopefully become less susceptible to distractions.


What Motivates You?

Lacking motivation can lower productivity levels, and any buffer productivity in general. Many of us struggle to feel like we have a purpose for doing an array of things in our daily lives. In order to become more productive, you must use motivation to your advantage.

1. Your Motivations

What keeps you trying at everything you do? What inspires you? Anything that contributes to your drive in life is your motivation. Motivators may include: winning a sports event, getting a promotion, and improving your cooking skills. These motivators can be accomplishments or goals you are working towards. Once you know what you want to achieve in the long term, you can implement these motivators by goal setting.

2. Goal Setting

By setting goals, you’ll be able to stay motivated because you are working towards an achievement. Goals will keep you on track, and increase your work ethic, further helping towards the betterment of your productivity levels. Working towards said goal(s) will raise your excitement when completing daily tasks, which will help you have far more productive days.

3. Maintaining Determination

Stay determined by checking in on your goal progress, and by reminding yourself of what you wish to accomplish; doing this will assist you when maintaining determination. As long as you don’t give up, you’ll not only achieve your goals over time, but you will become more productive as well.

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How Can You Be More Organized?

Going without a clear schedule can cause huge complications when it comes to completing work, or any other tasks. Becoming organized can help you know exactly what needs to be completed, and when it must be done.

1. Obtain a Planner

Before you plan anything, get yourself a reliable planner that works for you. Whether it is a planner book, calendar, or notes in your phone, select an organization outlet best suited for your needs. After obtaining your planner, it’s time to curate your schedule!

2. Create Your Schedule

Assuming you have a place to plan, it’s time to create your schedule. Add all of your upcoming appointments, write in your times for work or school, and jot down anything else of importance. Remember, you’ll always have to update your schedule, and that’s where consistency comes into play. 

3. Be Consistent

Ensure that you take even just a few minutes to update and look over your schedule daily. Being consistent with your planning will help you avoid missing important things, and will also remind you of what needs to get done by a certain time. Not only will you be organized, but planning will force you to have more productive days.


Balancing Your Productivity

These three steps will guide you in your productivity journey. The truth is, you can’t be productive 100% of the time. That’s why you must balance your overall productiveness, and do what works best for you. Avoid distractions when you need to, only work towards goals you truly want, and plan a schedule that fits with your lifestyle. Don’t force yourself to be productive because natural drive is simply more effective.

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