The Benefits Of Outdoor Activities For Work Productivity

Business organisations and companies always want their employees to be in good shape so that they can put in their best at their desks. The craving for productivity at work is what has given birth to measures that keep employees motivated whenever they are in the office. Indulging in outdoor activities is one of those measures that lift the mood of employees and refreshes their brains every day to what new things their jobs present to them. Let us look at some of the benefits of outdoor activities for work productivity.


There is no way you can be productive at your desk if you are not physically fit. Getting yourself to be fit always requires a valiant effort from you in that regard. It goes beyond just doing some indoor physical activities. You need to get in the sun at times. Taking some of the office activities outdoors sometimes can present a different excitement to the employees. For example, you can have meetings outside of the office and during the process indulge in some fun physical activities. This will ensure both physical and emotional fitness. The natural surroundings and the opportunity to bond help the employees have a different positive approach to work which will be evident in their productivity.

Boosts mood and heals the mind

There is a huge difference between exercising indoors and outdoors. While the two environments guarantee fitness, the latter adds some extra healing to the mind and also serves as a mood booster. Outdoor activities like running, taking long walks, mountaineering and even biking can help boost your mood and heal your mind. The surrounding nature plays a huge part. One outdoor activity that can really help you experience nature is biking. Biking will help strengthen the muscles of your leg and help you maintain better focus. While cycling outdoors, you get to bypass different aspects of nature and they have a good psychological effect on your mind. If you just started biking and you want to do long distances, you can use motorized bikes. With this type of bike, you still get to cycle but it would be easier for you to ride and you wouldn’t get weary easily. 

Stress Reduction

Those who work regularly know that a certain kind of stress comes with it. However, not many employees take time out to ease the stress in their body system. Resting and sleeping are good but exercising is the best medicine for easing off stress. Some outdoor activities like swimming, beach soccer, jogging, and rope skipping can help you wear off that stress. Nature plays an important role also in the reduction of stress. So try to indulge in more outdoor activities to ease out your stress and make you more productive.

More confidence and creativity

Exercising outdoors boosts the way you appreciate nature and increases your chances of being more creative within the office environment. The psychological effects of seeing beautiful aspects of nature while exercising are evident in the mental health of those who do outdoor exercising. Outdoor exercises, especially aerobic workouts like running, encourage the growth and survival rate of new brain cells in the hippocampus. Researchers have observed that this new cell growth enhances memory and the ability to be more creative. This will boost your overall self-confidence and help you attend to office work better. The end product of this is better productivity.

Better sleep

Sleeping is known to refresh the body and help it shed off stress. However, there are different types of sleep and the most useful one to the human body is deep sleeping. If you are not able to achieve deep sleep, your body won’t be able to rejuvenate itself properly. Studies have proven that outdoor activities help to induce proper natural sleep which repairs the body and soul and gets you waking up with a fully serviced system to take on your daily activities. Sleeping allows for a refreshed intellectual capability having done away with depression, anxiety, and stress. If you are able to sleep deep, you will be able to work smarter the following day thereby achieving better work productivity.


Final word

Breathing in the outdoor fresh air and enjoying the natural surroundings of beautiful flowers and trees can help heal a person’s psyche and refresh the soul. Nature has this amazing effect on humans that is sometimes beyond the explanation of science. It is known that productivity at work can be significantly improved if you treat yourself to a dose of your natural surroundings’ beauty while performing some physical activities. You should start taking on outdoor activities henceforth if you aren’t already.


Guest post courtesy of Jennifer Monroe

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