29 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Blog for Business

The blogosphere is here and it is not going anywhere. It’s not just for people talking about what they’re eating for lunch or their next celebrity crush. Blogging is big business for entrepreneurs and business owners.

CEO Blog Nation has a blogging community and we regularly blog for entrepreneurs and business owners and there are numerous reasons to blog.

Rescue a CEO asked some businesses how they use blogging to help their business and here is what they have to say.

#1- Open a conversation

Photo Credit: Gregory Herrman

We see our blog as an opportunity to open a conversation with our community. We primarily accomplish this by answering questions our clients frequently ask in our offices. We also use our blog to convey how we involve ourselves in the community through events and charity. Finally, we use our law firm's blog to share relevant news within our industry and community. These blogs open a conversation with our clients, establish trust and encourage potential clients to schedule a free consultation with our attorneys if they think they may have a personal injury case. 

Thanks to Gregory Herrman, Herrman and Herrman!

#2- Provide information

Photo Credit: Corbin Mason-Smith

We use our blog to provide information to our audience about our sector. This is a chance to provide some tips on DIY exterior cleaning, guides to follow when undertaking exterior cleaning and helpful tips and tricks. The blog is also used to offer in-depth explanations of our services. This provides value to potential clients as well as serving to increase our SEO.

Thanks to Corbin Mason-Smith, Superior Exterior Cleaning!

#3- Educate

Photo Credit: Kyle MacDonald

We use our blog to educate. As a B2B SaaS company, we have to demonstrate to our customers and potential clients that we are knowledgeable on all aspects of the industry. We use our blog to share our expertise and provide helpful resources.

Thanks to Kyle MacDonald, Force by Mojio!

#4- Direct traffic

Photo Credit: Chara Yadav

Our blog is the key tool that we use to reach out to the people who follow us and, as such, we use it to direct them to the articles and features on our site and other online resources that might be able to help them to find what they’re looking for. Our blog is essentially our welcoming embrace and invites everyone to join us on our journey to exploring the mysteries and unlocking the secrets of everyday life.

Thanks to Chara Yadav, Ask Any Difference!

#5- Educate customers

Photo Credit: Jan Dutton

We use the blog to educate potential customers about the science behind our long-range forecasting product in an effort to differentiate our products from the competition. It introduces the science behind the capability and covers a wide range of topics. By providing educational material, we strive to expand our user base while providing interesting and technical information.

Thanks to Jan Dutton, The World Climate Service!

#6- Drive traffic

Photo Credit: Timothy Connon

My blog is my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. I create content to drive traffic from consumers searching for terms related to my products online. They come to my blog and not only get all the information they need regarding the products and questions they have but also be connected with a company ready to help them. We make it very clear in our posts that consumers should work with an expert in our particular field to qualify and purchase the products they are looking for. We also make it clear that if the consumer does not want to work with us for whatever reason that they need to work with a company like ours for the best result.

Thanks to Tim Connon, Paramount Quote!

#7- Provide tips

Photo Credit: Paul Moody

Blogs serve as a way to establish a deeper connection with the audience. We use engaging content to make it easier to digest for readers. Plus, our focus is mainly on providing moving and organizing tips because we understand the prospect of moving can be pretty daunting. Our blog is a medium to help our customers and fill them with a sense that we care.  

Thanks to Paul Moody, Pro Mover Reviews!

#8- Provide information

Photo Credit: Tom Martin

Nine years ago, our agency decided to stop spending thousands of dollars each month on internet ads. We were told that a consistent blog campaign of two or three blogs per month would create the same monetary results. The key was that the blogs needed to provide information of value and not be a sales pitch. Pushing out on our six websites and social media channels surely enhanced our efforts. With over 450 blogs later, that advice proved to be rock-solid. Our ROI, after two months of blog writing, remained the same as the revenue previously generated by our ad campaign and continues until today.

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Thanks to Tom Martin, Martin Investigative Services!

#9- Offer value

Photo Credit: Kaustav Ganguly

A blog on your website is a way of providing value to your site visitors. The first priority is to write quality content that is informative, something that your visitors find useful. What works for us is a combination of written content and infographics. 

Thanks to Kaustav Ganguly, Pure Health Marketing!

#10- Help clients

Photo Credit: April Davis

As a matchmaker, we help clients to not only meet the person they're looking for but also to put their best foot forward. In doing so, I've created numerous blogs and vlogs about dating tips, psychology and relationships. For example, one blog that gets a lot of attention is about photos and how to look your best in a photo shoot. We all know how important attraction is and we want to help our clients to look their best on that first impression. Another popular blog is about how to have a great video date. This one was made once the COVID-19 pandemic started due to the fact that people were no longer meeting in person and needed to learn how to pivot successfully to virtual dating. By creating these kinds of informational blogs it's helped our clients to become more successful which, in turn, makes us more successful as well.

Thanks to April Davis, LUMA Luxury Matchmaking!

#11- Support travelers

Photo Credit: Cody Candee

Our business supports travelers. So, our blog focuses on the best tips and suggestions to aid them beyond our services. In addition, it also operates as our contribution to a larger support system. We are part of a family of interconnected industries that share common goals and are reliant on each other for success. So, it is our obligation to utilize our information channels, not only to support our customers but our industry as a whole. Therefore, any information we provide through our blog has the dual goal of enhancing our customers’ experience and fellow businesses in our market space.

Thanks to Cody Candee, Bounce!

#12- Make money

Photo Credit: Alexandria Drzazgowski

While some businesses use the blog section of their website to support their business endeavors, you can also make your blog a large portion of your primary income. Blogs with enough readers become eligible for display advertising, effectively paying you for every reader that scrolls through your posts. I have been able to create a full-time passive income for myself based solely on readers scrolling through blog posts I have written.

Thanks to Alexandria Drzazgowski, The Foreign Fork!

#13- Increase traffic

Photo Credit: Bram Jansen

I feel that producing educational and entertaining content on a regular basis will enhance visitors to your website. More visitors to our site can only mean more opportunities for reservations/bookings, contact form submissions and possible client queries. Stronger website traffic is beneficial to the type of business we operate, particularly for people who find our content while looking for a solution to their problems. We generate content that addresses the pain points of our target audience and ensures that the headlines appropriately convey the material that follows.

Thanks to Bram Jansen, VPN Alert!

#14- Provide knowledge

Photo Credit: Natalie Shahmiri

We use our blog to showcase our in-depth knowledge and as a hub to connect all of our content marketing assets, further establishing our authority in the space and boosting our SEO. Each blog post gets syndicated for broader distribution, is turned into social media snippets and is fed into our podcast content. A single blog post turns into more than 17 pieces of content, increasing our SEO rankings and building brand trust. It's the core of our marketing strategy.

Thanks to Natalie Shahmiri, Dooder!

#15- Provide helpful information

Photo Credit: Jordan Peagler

As a personal injury attorney who owns a small firm, I like to use my blog on my website for educational purposes. Using my blog for education matters to me because the law is such a complicated thing that it can be overwhelming to people. Sometimes when people are injured, they may not even know that what happened to them could go to litigation and help them with medical bills or compensate them for personal suffering. That’s why I like to provide helpful information about a variety of topics ranging from dog bites to car crashes. I hope the information I put out there can help people when they’re facing a scary or overwhelming legal situation.

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Thanks to Jordan Peagler, MKP Law Group!

#16- Provide a platform for interaction

Photo Credit: Cale Loken

My blog is an interactive platform where customers can share their brand experiences. The goal is to give control of the content to clients, which develops long-lasting brand loyalty. This is because it adds a personalized element to the company blog as customers share reviews and tutorials of products. It fosters a feeling of community where everyone can voice their opinions as well. Moreover, it has become an effective marketing strategy for the business as I regularly hold surveys to understand what the target audience wants.

Thanks to Cale Loken, 301 Madison Consulting!

#17- Boost engagement

Being consistent and on time is a significant part of making a blog work. In order to ensure that our blog is reaching the maximum audience, we schedule all posts in advance. The scheduling is done for peak hours when customer engagement is the highest. We regularly post unique and relevant content so that we can build the interest of our audience. Our users should be aware of when we are going to post and this is one of the aims of scheduling. Subsequently, we will not only experience higher engagement but also sales of our products and services.

Thanks to Melissa Collins, Perfect Brew!

#18- Educate audience

Photo Credit: Scott Spivack

We use blogs as a way to educate our audience about the basics of medical financing. People are often confused about the dynamics of general finances and how exactly medical financing works. So, our blog serves as a source of information that our readers can use to upgrade their knowledge. This, in turn, helps us earn their trust and build loyalty.

Thanks to Scott Spivack, United Medical Credit!

#19- Increase customer engagement

Photo Credit: Elisa Bender

In addition to creating a pleasant shopping experience, I use my blog to increase customer engagement. I include customers' testimonials for the products in my blogs to enhance engagement. I also share helpful product knowledge to keep my customers informed and communicate with them to gain valuable feedback through my blog. Another way that I keep my customers engaged is by uploading entertaining product-related videos. This also encourages them to interact in the comments section to increase engagement. I aim to keep my customers updated about the most recent products available on my e-commerce website through my blog.

Thanks to Elisa Bender, Revenue Geeks!

#20- Support caregivers

Photo Credit: Yoel Gabay

We use our blog to give support and information to caregivers. We provide research-based tips and tricks for caregivers to help them take care of their clients and themselves. These posts help people who are unsure about whether or not they feel they can become a caregiver.

Thanks to Yoel Gabay, Freedom Care!

#21- Establish authority

Photo Credit: Shiv Gupta

We use our blogs to answer the common questions our visitors have and use them to give information to our readers about the latest trend and technology. Anytime we publish on our website, we provide some new information for the visitors. And the more relevant information our visitors find on our website, the more authoritative we sound.

Thanks to Shiv Gupta, Incrementors!

#22- Gain trust

Photo Credit: Victoria Mendoza

We have maximized the use of our blog not only to drive traffic to our company website and to help attract new customers and convert them into sales but, more than profit, our blog plays a different role for us as it helps us gain the trust of the public and, therefore, nudges our authority in the already crowded media and technology industry.

Thanks to Victoria Mendoza, Media Peanut

#23- Educate readers

Photo Credit: Mainul Quader

It is critical for businesses to have blogs in order to get visitors to the website and to be found quicker in Google search engines. One of the fastest and easiest ways our business is getting traffic to a blog is from a combination of image search and educating readers on topics related to our products. The ultimate goal of using the blog is to land new clients. So, the visitors are directed from blog posts to the product page through a call to action. Visitors that do not take that action are provided with the option to drop their email address in exchange for an e-book/white paper which can then be used to actively grow an email list. So, blog posts become an essential part of the business to build trust with the visitors and often the first point of contact for the users to become aware of the business.

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Thanks to Mainul Quader, Skripts!

#24- Share information

Photo Credit: Michael Haas

Our blog is our primary platform to share information and generate income simultaneously. Our blog features recipes, product reviews, and guides related to barbecue and grilling. It’s also our main tool of the trade to connect with businesses, like grill manufacturers who partner with us for a product feature and testimonial. Meanwhile, an affiliate advertising program allows us to earn commission from each sale coming from our blog posts.

Thanks to Michael Haas, Angry BBQ!

#25- Increase visibility

Photo Credit: Rahul Vij

Our well-written blogs make our business more seen and recognizable to our existing customers and grab the attention of potential ones. We keep our blogs updated by adding new information and eliminating old ones. The best trick we have found to get more traffic, subscribers and clients is putting facts and figures in a blog, making it more authentic and informative. Our blogs are curated to provide solutions to the problems and resonate with the feelings of our audience to get more likes and shares. Using appropriate keywords at the right place makes you easily rank high on search results. Share your blogs on your different networking sites as this will make your reach far and wide, increasing your brand awareness and creating more connections. This is my learning.

Thanks to Rahul Vij, WebSpero Solutions!

#26- Build the brand

Photo Credit: Eran Galperin

We use our blog to appeal to people in the fitness industry–gym owners, coaches, trainers, and instructors. Publishing credible content really builds the brand. So, that's a key aspect of us having a business blog. Then, lastly, I’m a firm believer in customer experience. So, again, authoritative info on a blog that is well set out and easy to navigate adds to the positive experience of customers visiting your site and the credibility of your business. We focus on publishing posts that educate and we have different areas of focus specific to the audience we target. A well-written informative content gets shared across social media by visitors to the website.

Thanks to Eran Galperin, Gym Desk!

#27- Build brand authority

Photo Credit: Charles Cridland

We use our blog to drive traffic to our website and build brand authority. Consistently publishing engaging blog posts brings awareness to our brand. It builds our reputation as a business that provides value. This increases the chance of customers searching for and choosing us over others. Therefore, we expect to see our website ranked higher in brand-related search terms.

Thanks to Charles Cridland, Your Parking Space!

#28- Share company news

Photo Credit: Tim Stumbles

Our blog not only contains articles but also highlights what our company is up to. It is a great platform to share our news and stories. The blog content varies from our new strategic hiring to hosting trade shows and other business events. This gives the customers an insight into our process and makes them see that we are not always about selling.

Thanks to Tim Stumbles, Office Timeline!

#29- Provide information

Photo Credit: Steven McConnell

We use our blog to provide relevant and essential information to both potential and existing clients. The articles we provide demonstrate the value of the service we offer. We provide detailed explanations and pertinent information regarding the genuine benefit of using our product as well as helpful suggestions for our highly specialized service. The more relevant and valuable material we share, the more trust we can establish with our consumer base, converting them into loyal customers.

Thanks to Steven McConnell, Exceptional Resume Writers!

How do you use your blog for your business? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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