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Best Customer Retention Practices for Improving E-commerce Sales

Do you know that ecommerce companies derive 80 % of their return on investment from 20%of their customers? Also, it costs seven times more to acquire a new customer than to retain the existing one. As astonishing as it may sound, acquiring a customer is not the only task that an e-commerce website needs to focus upon. In fact, it’s ...

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Keeping Your Startup Afloat in its First Year

The world of business is one that is continuously evolving and adapting. As such, there are now more startups than ever before cropping up in the business world. From fledgling in a small office to make it a big, there is certainly a lot of different steps to take between A and B. And you will find that there is ...

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Transform, Ignite, Disrupt Your Company to Success

Why would you want to enter the high-technology world when all you have ever known is low-technology (or no technology) rust-belt products? Because the high-technology world is where all the money is. The manufacturing space is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and if you are not on that bus, you will be left behind. Sophisticated high-technology manufacturers will rule the industrial world ...

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Preparing Customer Service Agents for the Self-Service Age

As artificial intelligence makes customer service automation more capable, flexible and human-like, employees’ roles will change. In the contact center, representatives will handle more complex questions that require knowledge, patience and innovation. To answer these challenges, companies will need to keep morale strong, improve employee engagement and upgrade agent skills. Employee Engagement: Keeping Experienced Agents Longer To handle more complicated ...

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5 Excel Tricks Every Business Owner Should Know

Excel is an extremely versatile piece of software and one that every accountant will have used at some point in their career. Excel can do as much or as little as you want it to, whether it’s automating processes using macros, creating projections, graphs, and of course those all too familiar perennial accounting tasks, from payroll to bank reconciliations to ...

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Shipping Times: How to Decrease It and Increase Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to keeping your business running smoothly, drawing in new clients and keeping your former clients or customers coming back for more, shipping time is a huge consideration. No matter how much your customers love your products, their impression of your business and your products will go down significantly if it takes them too long to receive their ...

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Successful Content Creation is About Preparation First and Foremost

People often don’t realize just how difficult digital marketing and content creation can be until they’re already in the thick of it. When you’re on the outside looking in, things appear easy: “all I have to do is sit down, come up with a topic, write a few hundred words and publish – how hard could that really be?” But ...

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5 New Email Scams That Showed Up in 2018

While many people think of email scams as being a relatively minor annoyance, the truth is that they can be a big deal…especially if you actually end up falling for one. While there are certainly a number of things you can do to limit the number of scams you receive, at the end of the day you’re still responsible for ...

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3 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on The Best Franchises to Buy

Franchising saves you the hustle of having to develop a business idea from scratch. They not only offer the much-needed support, but also the freedom to work for yourself. Deciding on the best franchise to buy involves extensive research and a proven record of profitability from the potential franchise. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners about the top franchises and ...

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5 Things CEOs Will Never Tell You

A CEO is more than just the highest paid manager in any organization. They’re the leader, the captain of the ship, and the one who sets the tone. But, they are only human which means there are certain things a CEO will never tell you. Ever wondered why? Let’s take a look.   They don’t have all the facts Rarely ...

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