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Bottoms Up Everyone: A New Economic Revolution is Upon Us

Internet commerce technology has unleashed the capabilities of ordinary Americans to take matters into their own hands and craft—often literally—their own livelihoods. You can create and sell custom jewelry, find a room (or rent yours out) on Airbnb, drive your fellow citizens around with Uber, or find families that need some nanny help. Got a cool product idea? Backing could ...

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What Small Business Owners Can Learn from the Data Breach at Target

Lately, there have been data breaches of customer security. Companies like Target and Nieman Marcus have recently had breaches of their data where customer information was compromised. As developments in the Target customer data breach continue to unfold, Trend Micro, a leading developer of data security solutions, and its security experts are turning to what is next on the horizon for ...

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Two Lessons from the Sochi Winter Olympics on Online Exposure

With Putin & Co. spending over $50,000,000,000 on the Sochi Winter Olympics (more than all of the Winter Olympics EVER combined!) and the many things that have gone wrong in the lead up to the games, there are plenty of takeaways for Public Relations and Digital Marketing. This is especially true since the message Putin is trying to convey is ...

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Content Marketing 2014: Devise a Winning Plan

Structure and planning are key to successful content marketing campaigns. As we go into 2014, here are five things you should build into your thinking. Where do you plan to take your content this year? If this is a question you haven’t yet asked, now’s the time to start thinking clever when it comes to content. Content marketing offers great ...

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CEO Hiring Concerns: Shortage of talent among college graduates coming out into the workforce

FranConnect had one of its best years in 2013, and 2014 is looking to be even more promising, except for one problem we never expected – the ability to find and hire the most basic of talent. We are a software products company and market leader for franchise organizations to manage and market their brand through cloud-based systems. As part ...

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Shifting Your Mind from Being a Spender to Investor

The brain is an amazing thing. Bill Viola had this to say about the human brain: “the human brain is probably one of the most complex single objects on the face of the earth; I think it is, quite honestly.” The brain is such an important thing that our whole being is built around the way we think. It’s so ...

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Business Leadership and Brand History, or: Trust, Quality and Value

One of the recurring themes to business leadership, in my meetings with executives and salespeople, is a commitment to core principles: Trust, quality and value. The latter signifies both the rewards of an affordable product or service, as well as values, plural, which are the lifeblood of a company. Whether an organization expands or contracts, whether it succeeds or fails, ...

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4 Epic Fails For Small Businesses

For the small business in America, there is tons of opportunity.  But in my experience working with many of them, I have found several things that hold them back from making strides in their efforts of growing their business.  When working with business owners these were the main shortcomings for them.  1) Being late adopters Becoming a late adopter is ...

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Making the Technical Practical: Specialized Training for Clients and Exceptional Service

For companies in a specialized industry, which involves the use of sophisticated equipment or industrial systems, knowledge – about the operation and maintenance of these devices – is essential. Failure to master these items can cause a shutdown in facilities, a significant loss in time and money, freeze productivity and leave workers jobless, unless vendors offer additional training concerning the ...

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Featured Post: Why You Actually Need to Research Your Market

Most new entrepreneurs believe that they have an inherent understanding of their market. This is largely because most new entrepreneurs created their products or services to fill a hole in their specific market. The problem with this approach, though: even though you are a part of your market, you are not the entire market. Sure you think of yourself as ...

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