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Personalization and Innovation: Staking Your Name to Your Brand

Brand personalization is more than a clever marketing strategy, or an attempt through slogans, jingles and mascots to connect with consumers on an intimate level. Those tactics, with their manufactured stories and legends or myths, may increase sales – great brands often have famed icons, albeit false figures like rugged cowboys or resolute deliverymen – but nothing can match the ...

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Featured Post: Management Information Systems & Its Support For Enterprises

When leveraged correctly by CEOs and entrepreneurs, management information systems can add sustainability to their organizations. These systems add smoothness to business activities while monitoring cash flows in various lifecycles of the company. Recent economic paradigms demand a higher order-turnover process, and in order to satisfy it CEOs and entrepreneurs need to keep track of all resources and business flows. ...

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Financial Change and 'Organic Acceptance' of New Standards: A Global Phenomenon

In a world of global communications, the Internet (as a medium) both fulfills and dispels the grandest predictions of so-called futurists. Its ability to transcend borders and instantaneously spread information is true, bypassing the most censorious channels and the most restrictive regimes. Indeed, we learn about legislative and cultural upheaval from social media; we see and read the events, in ...

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Creating a Culture of Success: Incentives and Teamwork

 In the world of commercial real estate, where competition is keen among fellow brokers and rival firms, there is an alternative to this all-or-nothing model of zero-sum gain and individual success or failure. Through collaboration and sincere support – the creation of a culture conducive to long-term prosperity and respect – brokers can act as a team, on each project, ...

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A Missionary of Medicine and a Metaphor for Leadership: The Surgeon-As-Civic-Leader

As the national debate about health insurance reform continues, amidst this conversation about public exchanges versus private exchanges and the economic merits of one plan over another, it is easy to lose focus on the individuals at the center of this discussion – the doctors and patients – who deserve our respect and a hearing. Nowhere is that point more ...

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Featured Post: How I Dramatically Improved my Home Office Productivity

I work from home as an independent freelance writer and contractually as a product developer for a small e-commerce company . . . but it wasn’t always this way. I started off like most of us here, in a cubicle, burning through the day to day tasks. I found my place in the system and so I became compliant. Then ...

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Proudest Moment in Business for 2013

The year of 2013 has come to a close. The last few weeks of the year flew by and business owners and entrepreneurs charge ahead into the next year. There are no guarantees for the year ahead. Whether there will be a ton of hurdles you’ll have to climb or the year will bring a lot of new things to ...

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Featured Post: Tip For Making More Sales: Expand Payment Options

A lot of bloggers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and companies opt to only offer a limited number of payment methods, typically credit cards and debit cards. “Using PayPal and money transfer is too risky,” they complain. “It’s not worth it.”  What they don’t realize is how much business they’re actually risking. The best online companies and organizations are acutely aware about how ...

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Featured Post: What Marketers Can Learn From Cosmetic Surgeons

The next time you’re thinking about your marketing goals, take a page from cosmetic surgeons. These medical professionals have years of experience in putting their best face forward — literally. What can other marketers learn from these masters? Here are a few ideas… Customers Want Results First and foremost, customers want results. That’s why so many cosmetic surgeons include before ...

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The Realities of Reinvention

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” should be replaced by a new saying: “If it ain’t broke, it soon will be.” Reinvention is on the minds of every business leader for good reason.  It’s no longer heretical to think about making major, systemic changes even when things are running smoothly.  In our volatile era where it’s not unheard of ...

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