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How can Chatbots improve Your Sales Productivity?

Powered by perpetual advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbots are transforming the way enterprises work both internally and externally. They are no more a simple tool performing odd jobs but are becoming a vital ingredient of brand marketing and customer service strategy. According to various reports, more than 80% of businesses are expected to invest in bots by 2020. Moreover, ...

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22 Entrepreneurs Explain Business Trends They’re Expecting in 2018

Business owners should be upto date with business trends and anticipate changes in their business due to the same. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, text messages or direct mail, entrepreneurs and business owners should know it’s not just about hoping they come, it’s about adapting to the trends it and positioning yourself to leap from the same.Just as business as ...

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How Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lead to a Change in Dynamics of the Job Market

Since the industrial revolution, there has been a debate going on that how automation will lead to mass unemployment and bring about chaos for everyone involved but technology has created jobs of different kinds if it has gobbled up on the need for human labor in one field of operations. Automation almost always results in increasing production while decreasing operating ...

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