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15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice for New Entrepreneurs

No matter how you look at it, starting a business is hard. One of the hardest things you may ever have to do. There’s the business plan to think over, a name, government policies to consider, how it will affect your family, finances and the list rolls on from there. Some hardened entrepreneurs suggest spending a long time thinking about ...

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3 Management Mistakes That Make Bosses Act Like Psychopaths

A good manager is a master of setting goals, providing the right tools and resources, and motivating workers to reach new heights. By all rights, a boss should be considered a supportive ally to employees and their careers. But as one often quoted Gallup survey indicates, poor employee-manager relationships are a leading concern for seven out of ten Americans who ...

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Great CEOs are Lazy!

Great CEOs rarely enter into Player Mode. Rather, his or her first move is to find someone else to do the work. When most CEOs find their company getting into some kind of bind, they jump in to personally help resolve the issue. We call this going into “Player Mode.” “I’m just helping out for now,” these CEOs tell themselves, ...

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