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14 Entrepreneurs Share Tips On Firing a Team Member

Many will attest that firing an employee or a contractor is one of the hardest decisions you can make in your company. One big challenge that you have to cope with is the emotional aspect that accompanies the process. The remaining team members may also not take it positively depending on how you execute the dismissal. So, when is the ...

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3 Management Mistakes That Make Bosses Act Like Psychopaths

A good manager is a master of setting goals, providing the right tools and resources, and motivating workers to reach new heights. By all rights, a boss should be considered a supportive ally to employees and their careers. But as one often quoted Gallup survey indicates, poor employee-manager relationships are a leading concern for seven out of ten Americans who ...

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Why Your Business Should Be Aware of Big Data’s Big Job Growth

When Madonna did her 1990 Japan tour, she discovered too late that all of her tour dates in that country were during the local rainy season. She basically realized this at the first show in that country. Rather than canceling, she told all her dancers to just put on their warmest outfit for the duration and announced there would be ...

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Off-Duty Conduct Can’t Get you Fired. Right?

Common sense would seem to indicate that an employer should not be able to fire an employee for doing or saying something away from the workplace and off the clock. Right? Well, not so fast. Employers may have more leeway than they (or their employees) realize. A long-standing and strong tenant of employment law in the United States is employment ...

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