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5 Tips for How to Improve Your Startup’s Profitability in the Early Stages

As an entrepreneur, it’s always an exciting and scary experience when you decide to take the plunge and venture out on your own. I’ve been there– along with the thrill of building something amazing, you’re feeling nervous. What if your new brilliant company never makes money? What If I misread my user? Or worse yet, the market? We all want ...

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How Business Organization Can Raise Charity Funds

Many businesses today are often involved in special causes and charity cases. It is one way of giving back to the society, especially after the society has given them good business, it is also a great way to promote the brand of the company and appeal to a wider variety of clientele or simply make a change in the world ...

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Tap into Your Passions to Make Money in a Fun and Flexible Way

Ever walk by a clothing store or surf the web and find an item that either inspires you or makes you think about how you could make it better? Certainly the thought process stops there for most of us because we envision obstacles that are far too daunting—or think getting our idea on a piece of clothing or an accessory ...

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Top Five Things to Consider When Looking For a Business Loan

Starting a business, whether small or big, can be challenging and risky. It always comes with the utmost need for funding. When starting out, you can seek funding from investors. As the business grows, you can turn to other lenders such as credit unions or banks. Consider the following factors when looking for a small business loan to best suite ...

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Some Processes Cost Small Businesses More Money than They Know

Smaller businesses, like large organizations, need to ensure that they are running their daily operations in the most efficient way possible in an effort to protect against the wasting of valuable resources. Small businesses spend a lot on numerous processes that their leaders may not even realize, and these processes can sometimes easily be simplified or streamlined so that they ...

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Questions to Ask When Buying a Business

Purchasing a business is a major decision. When you are going through the decision-making process it is important to make sure that you get answers to the questions below so you can be sure that you are making a smart business decision that is right for you. Tell me about the business’ history and your involvement with it. – This ...

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How to Gain Big Financial Rewards for Your Brilliant New Product Idea

Most folks will get a product idea at one time or another and maybe, before just filing it away, mumble to themselves; “Someone oughta come out with something like this.”  And one day, sure enough, someone does.  And when these folks see “their idea” on retailer shelves they suffer an attack of the dreaded slacker’s remorse.  It doesn’t have to ...

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Finding finances by cutting costs on essential personal expenditures

It’s no secret that starting up a business up from scratch can be incredibly challenging. Not everyone can get the finance they need to make a startup a little more forgiving and their home life a little more comfortable. If this sounds like the category you fall into, then read on for some simple tips and advice on how to ...

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Follow The Money: How Small Businesses Get Funding [INFOGRAPHIC]

Finding capital can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful company. Regardless if you are an entrepreneur bootstrapping, using the bank’s money or pitching VCs on Shark Tank, entrepreneurs know that cash is vital to their success. This infographic by BOLT Insurance captures the numerous opportunities for business to get money in order to grow, who gets funding ...

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