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How Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lead to a Change in Dynamics of the Job Market

Since the industrial revolution, there has been a debate going on that how automation will lead to mass unemployment and bring about chaos for everyone involved but technology has created jobs of different kinds if it has gobbled up on the need for human labor in one field of operations. Automation almost always results in increasing production while decreasing operating ...

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What Industries Will Go Through The Most Change In Five Years?

There are some industries out there which change in the blink of an eye. From one month to the next there are completely different ideas and products being birthed from the industry and keeping up with that fact is a full time job for some. Then there are the industries which evolve at a much slower pace. With each passing ...

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What’s the Future of the Entrepreneur

In the 15th century the word entrepreneur was born, by the mid-1800’s the meaning was given to ‘business managers’ and slowly evolved from there. When you think of an entrepreneur the image of a hustler comes to mind. It conjures the image of a man or woman willing to put everything on the line and make his or her footprint ...

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Forget 140 Characters. Welcome To The Future!

In the beginning people were excited about blogging, they could write their heart’s desires, but slowly writing is becoming more and more terse.  Why say something in 2 pages when you can say it in in page? Better yet, why say something in 280 words when you can say it in 140 characters? Enter Twitter and it’s revolutionary micro-blogging platform. However, we ...

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