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5 Best Project Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

When you are at the starting point of your business, the number of tasks and daily items you have to cover on a daily basis quickly become overwhelming. Your first thought is usually to hire on some help, but without a clear-cut project management plan you’ll probably wind up hiring an expensive paper weight. Many entrepreneurs either wind up spending a ...

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Google’s Fight against Web-SPAM and Lessons that You Can Learn from It

Google recently released their annual report detailing how they police the Internet in the last one year, or rather, the portion of the Internet that makes it to search results. Much of it is a self-pat on the back, and much as there are some valid complaints against Google’s penalties, it is important to know exactly what Google qualifies as ...

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What Would Your Business Do With $250K? Grant Deadline 10/31

CEO Blog Nation announced a few weeks ago an opportunity from Chase and Premier Sponsor Google for 12 small business owners to win a $250k grant. Chase’s Mission Main Street℠ Grants shows Chase’s ongoing commitment to small business owners. All businesses that apply and are eligible will gain access to a Social Media Toolkit and receive a special advertising offer from ...

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Is Google Plus a Ghost Town? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google+ is the new kid on the block, so social media experts and individuals may not have tapped the potential of the social media that is supposed to challenge Facebook for supremacy. However, the rise to 170m users have people analyzing the impact and putting on their thinking caps on how to leverage the social media site. Some interesting findings ...

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How Startups & Business Owners Can Use Google for Entrepreneurs

Google recently announced the launch of Google for Entrepreneurs, an umbrella initiative for the company to incorporate all of its programs to support startups, entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe. Google is hoping (1) to partner with strong organizations in local communities, (2) to organize Google-led programs that connect the company’s own teams and tools with entrepreneurs and (3) to ...

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