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5 Tips from a 92-Year-Old Startup Founder

  As one of the founders of a startup software company, I’ve learned a lot. But to be quite honest, I had quite a bit of experience before Workzone started in 2002. I had semi-retired when given the opportunity to be on the forefront of project management and its software solution was too much to pass up. So my new ...

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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Favorite Online Business Tools

Entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere are constantly on the search for tools to make their lives easier. There aren’t enough hours in the day to handle every minuscule task so stumbling upon that one random site which leaves you with a new tool for your belt can be a miracle in itself. We asked some entrepreneurs and business owners what ...

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Ever Green Tools That Don’t Fit Into Your Quarter

Quarterly views are not always the best way to look at the effectiveness of a campaign. If your looking to build quick results on quick results, you might end up with less in the end (or might not be building on yourself). There are some ever-green building tools that are ignored because they don’t offer quarterly boosts, they offer building ...

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Outsourcing Your Software Development Team: Pros and Cons

Outsourcing your software development team makes sense when your business strives for fast product development and aims to maintain the pace of an internet audience. However, before making the plunge into outsourcing, businesses have to consider the strengths and weaknesses of this kind of arrangement. Speed is valuable, but so is quality. What are the pros and cons of software ...

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7 Ways Business Management Software Can Ease a CEO’s Life

CEOs, the minds behind every company, who not only enjoy the power of their position and fat pay checks but also shoulder the burden of the responsibilities to get their company into the top charts of the industry. A successful CEO needs to be a masterful tactician and strategize each and every steps for the company, be it deciding the ...

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A, B and C of Online Attendance Management System

The progress of a business depends on the efficiency, performance and productivity of its employees. Small scale, medium sized and large businesses need to monitor and manage their teams taking into consideration various performance metrics. Often it becomes tedious to manually track the performance of every employee. Moreover human errors and additional time and manpower spent in this task adds ...

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What Managers Should Know about Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the most essential aspects of running a business. There are many people who think that managing inventory is something that does not really matter over the long term. However, a solid inventory management strategy can lead to a higher rate of return for people who are invested in the business. Carrying too much inventory is ...

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Why Your Business Should Be Aware of Big Data’s Big Job Growth

When Madonna did her 1990 Japan tour, she discovered too late that all of her tour dates in that country were during the local rainy season. She basically realized this at the first show in that country. Rather than canceling, she told all her dancers to just put on their warmest outfit for the duration and announced there would be ...

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Growing Your Software Business

It’s pretty likely that you did a lot of research when you started your software business. Perhaps you pored over books and magazines, sought the advice of an advisor, or watched all kinds of video on the subject, among other things. But now that your start-up period is over, you may be ready to take the next step and start ...

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Salesforce Automation Software: A Must for Business Success

Implementation of Salesforce Automation Software is the ultimate step in sales for accelerating things. SFA is instrumental in the elimination of the time consuming, but necessary tasks related to selling. Therefore, sales professionals can now relax a bit as they are free from the thoroughly exasperating, repetitive and tedious behind the scene activities. They are now empowered to do hardcore ...

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