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Rise of Temp Workers: Killer for the Future of Business

Protecting a talent pool for a firm is like a fisherman protecting a fish preserve. It is also prudent to have an efficiently run company. Efficiency comes with guidance over a capable workforce. Some have viewed temp workers as a talent pool that can be tapped into when needed, but there’s a negative side to exhausting the resource which takes ...

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Two Reasons Employee Recognition Programs Have Failed

It is estimated that 90 percent of all U.S. businesses and organizations have some form of employee recognition program. This trend has occurred due to companies realizing that their leaders and managers need help recognizing their team members for work well done. But the problem is – in terms of helping employees feel truly valued and appreciated — the employee ...

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Questions You Need to Ask in Your Staff Survey Program

Regardless of your company’s size, managers and CEOs should get more involved in order to retain employees. Employees who are not allowed to have an opinion lower productivity and influence their colleagues in a negative manner. Basically, they feel voiceless and they come to work with no enthusiasm at all. Have you ever thought of increasing engagement using staff surveys? ...

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Employee or Independent Contractor? Tips for Making the Correct Classification

With the current economic difficulties, small and growing businesses have used the “lean and mean” staffing strategy – favoring the use of temporary consultants and independent contractors instead of permanent employees when possible – as a way to control labor costs. But this strategy can cause companies to run afoul of the Department of Labor’s rules on how workers are ...

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