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Is Disruption Good Or Bad For Entrepreneurs?

Being a disruptor in business is what makes you a household name for some. Whether you like their products, agree with their principles, or just plain admire them as a person, disruptors are what draw crowds. Names like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson can bring to mind products and processes which changed the industry. With so ...

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Are Entrepreneurs Eyeing the E-Cigarette Industry?

We’re all familiar with this eccentric electronic smokeless stick with a bright red/blue light at one end of it. We’ve seen it being used by celebrities, models, businessmen and now even the common man. There is something about it that’s very enticing. This might be due to the novelty they provide, the way they look, or the fact that despite ...

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Who Are The Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs?

The status quo is less important now than it has ever been. Breaking off into the unknown is a much more appealing option. Entrepreneurs are finding their footing each day, other business owners are finally finding the voice they always wanted to have when it involved their company. Disruptive entrepreneurs keep the industry fresh. Instead of following in the footsteps ...

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