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A Missionary of Medicine and a Metaphor for Leadership: The Surgeon-As-Civic-Leader

As the national debate about health insurance reform continues, amidst this conversation about public exchanges versus private exchanges and the economic merits of one plan over another, it is easy to lose focus on the individuals at the center of this discussion – the doctors and patients – who deserve our respect and a hearing. Nowhere is that point more ...

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Tips for Busy Business Executives and Entrepreneurs to Stay Healthy

Entrepreneurs and business owners are always on the run. These tips from Sherri Sue Fisher, author of the book Timer™DIET provides tips for entrepreneurs and business owners to stay healthy. Always start out with a breakfast that is made of dietary fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Something with an egg is great. This can be made at home or bought on the ...

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What Foods Give You The Most Energy?

Entrepreneurs work extremely hard and just like any car or truck, business owners need fuel to get them through the day. Some entrepreneurs and business owners shared what particular foods give them the most energy. Glow-Green Smoothie, Seeds and Nuts & Fruits and Vegetables (1) Glow-Green Smoothie – Filled with lots of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help you power through ...

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Entrepreneurs! How Do You Stay Healthy?

Entrepreneurs work harder than almost any other “profession.” Due to the number of hours that entrepreneurs work, it can be difficult to maintain health. It is extremely important that entrepreneurs schedule and plan for their health. 1) Go To The Gym & Drink Tea Related Post: 20 Tips for Entrepreneurs “Tip 1: Take time out of your day to go to ...

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Your Health: Don't Subscribe to Charge Card Living

You might have seen the entrepreneur with the blood-shot eyes that answers every question with one, four-letter word: work. Person 1: Larry, how have you been? Entrepreneur: Work. Person 1: (puzzled look) Okay, but I haven’t seen you at the gym this past month, what have you been up to? Entrepreneur: Work. Person 2: (puzzled look) Hmmm. Larry, who do ...

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